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Retail corporations generally sell and distribute goods to customers at different destinations. Not too long ago, advancement in technology has led to the improvement of on-line retail corporations. These are corporations that use the internet to promote their commodities and also assist customers ask for the commodities that they would like dispersed to them. RockCreek is a single of these corporations and is primarily based out in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It deals with tenting, hiking climbing, paddling, and so forth. The firm owns a website that helps it and its prospects to entry each individual other quick and present effective products and services. The firm’s website has some strengths that allow it to contend actively with individuals corporations that present the goods in the industry. This paper will find to examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the firm is encountering.


The performance of the on-line business enterprise in relation to firms that present comparable products is fairly superior. This can be attributed to many elements in the business enterprise. RockCreek has been equipped to personalize its site to all its prospects and this has pushed it a move forward. Prospects are able of generating their individual accounts whereby they are expected to supply their e-mails and passwords. The account will allow the shopper to attain entry to all the attributes of the website. When a shopper results in an account, he or she is able of putting up a remark to the firm. The remark could be the excellent of the products that the firm is supplying or any other standard remark that the shopper could deem fit for the firm. These responses empower the management to make improvements to the excellent of equally the products and the products and services that the firm provides to its prospects. Improving upon the excellent of the products and the products and services can help the firm in competing with corporations that present comparable products and products and services. Once again, when the excellent of the products is improved, a lot more prospects will want the firm’s products than products from other corporations. People who have accounts are also able of giving their recommendations to the firm which again can help the firm and the shopper. Tips could involve a new product that matches the prospects a lot more than the obtainable product. The shopper could also advise the firm to make some advancements on its distribution if he or she feels that the firm is having too lengthy to distribute its products to him or her. This way, the management attempts to glance for implies that can be applied to assist in conference the shopper desires and retain the shopper. Tips of different varieties of products that the prospects could call for can help the firm inventory commodities from different producers that presents the shopper a list of commodities to choose from (Ralph, 2002:

A wish list can help the firm know the commodities that a shopper wants to satisfy when he or she is buying with the firm. This can help the firm inventory all these commodities and this way, the prospects will always have all their needs met any time that they wish to store with the firm. The personal account has been incredibly beneficial to prospects considering that any shopper be it an unique or an business who has created an purchase from the firm is able of tracking the progress of the purchase. Monitoring ahs served prospects to establish self esteem with the firm and it has also served them make their designs for the commodities considering that they are certain that they will get the commodities. Monitoring of orders also can help the shopper to remind the firm of the periods that they require their purchase and this can help the firm to conveniently prepare for the transport of the purchase.

The account that a shopper results in can help him or her to retailer billing and shipping and delivery facts in the account. This can make it incredibly effortless for equally the shopper and the firm to finalize a transaction. It also boosts the speed at which the transaction is finalized mainly because most of the aspects that are expected for the transaction are by now obtainable. An advantage of generating a personal account is that no other man or woman can entry the facts in the account except the shopper and the firm exactly where the shopper forwards the facts. The firm has a privacy plan that strictly hinders the release of an individual’s facts in circumstance the unique visits the website (Andy & Josiah, 2008: The firm is also well regarded in the area area and most of the individuals would go for their buying with the firm for the good title it has crafted. The manufacturer of the firm is well identified and this is for the products and the products and services that the firm provides to its prospects. The shipping and delivery solutions that the firm provides to its prospects can help draw in incredibly a lot of prospects equally regionally and nationally. A personal account can help a shopper help you save a good deal of time that could have been wasted in queuing considering that the shopper only desires to open his or her account and spot the purchase. The firm’s website can make it incredibly effortless for the prospects to navigate and research for products by use of the drop down menus. Other attributes that the individuals with accounts entry incorporate an on-line address e-book that is fairly hassle-free, the background of the orders that a man or woman has been creating, and so forth. the website is also created in a way that its visual appeal will always make an unique to continue to be more time. The homepage also has some totally free giveaways that are fairly interesting to the shopper. This in change can make the shopper knowledgeable of the products that the firm has for prospects. The homepage also incorporates conversation facts exactly where the prospects who stop by the website are informed of the approaching area and national functions they can also watch bulletins and news on the exact web site.


The firm also faces some downfalls it is considerably challenged by its opponents. The amount of revenue that is put in in establishing the website is too significantly in comparison to the amount that the site delivers back again. There also lacks some commodities that can be placed in the website that can give profits back again easily. Deficiency of national promoting considerably cuts down the range of prospects for the firm. Most of the individuals inside of the region have no curiosity in the firm considering that the firm does not deal with them on a regular foundation. People are also not knowledgeable of the products and products and services that the firm provides. The research engine that is obtainable for the prospects is at periods not incredibly effective especially when seeking for some certain merchandise such as the tents. One of the results of the ineffective research engine is that the prospects will not get the facts that they required about the commodities. It could also direct to frustrations considering that the shopper has put in some revenue in seeking for some facts that could not be accessed (Ralph, 2002: Once again, when prospects are unaware of the aspects about a commodity they will are inclined to glance for the facts in some other destinations which sales opportunities to reduction of prospects. If some commodities are in the retailer waiting to be picked, the website does not present the availability of the facts about such commodities. Any shopper who visits the website when such merchandise are in retailer could be deceived that the commodities are not obtainable in the firm and will so go wanting for the commodity in other destinations. Use of the internet is a disadvantage to individuals who do not have the awareness of the internet. Use of the website therefore hinders such individuals from accessing facts about the commodities that the firm provides.


Through the use of the website, the firm stands a greater opportunity of boosting its development and its products and services to prospects. The latest advancement in technology sales opportunities to improvements that can assist in boosting the website. Innovations in the internet are exactly where the fiber optical cable is applied in spot of the satellite can make the transfer of facts effortless and quick. Technology has also led to the improvement of portable devices that can be carried in different destinations such as laptops and palmtops and modems which assist a single entry the internet any place they wish. This implies that a shopper can spot his or her purchase at any time and in any spot he or she needs. This is vital for the firm mainly because it will attain a lot more prospects because of to effortless and quick entry of the internet. The website has an prospect to improve the method of promoting in that a lot of prospects can now entry the internet at a more cost-effective price and a single that is a lot quicker. This is vital mainly because the firm desires to provide its prospects quick and inside of the specified periods. This will also raise shopper satisfaction and attraction of other prospects. Prospects can make their orders from any spot and at any time mainly because the shopper desires to spot his or her purchase in the website. The shopper also does not require to stop by the firm in purchase to confirm the proceedings of the purchase but can track it on the website as lengthy as the shopper is registered with the website. The website when well applied can assist the firm comprehend the desires of the prospects (Mark, 2009:

An encouragement to the prospects to list most of the commodities they are interested in inside of the website will assist in obtaining this. When the customers’ desires are met, the prospects will are inclined to be interested in obtaining a lot more and a lot more from the firm and they could also refer some of their friends to the firm considering that they have self esteem in it. This can help retain prospects and carry in new prospects. The website has opportunities of boosting the way that it provides the products and services to its prospects. Much better products and services to prospects implies orders are processed inside of the specified time and commodities are delivered in good time. This will assist in creating have faith in inside of the prospects and sooner or later direct to a lot more orders from the prospects. The firm also has an prospect to improve the overall customer’s practical experience through the shipping of individualized world-wide-web web pages and products and services, variety, availability, totally free on-time shipping and delivery and most affordable rates attainable. This will make it a lot easier for the shopper utilizing the website and will make him or her really feel totally free when he or she is preparing to make orders. The firm can grow thoroughly because of to the development of the use of the internet. The development will raise the profits of the firm. Some of the obtainable attributes can be applied in conjunction with the new attributes so as to lower fees and raise profits.


The firm is facing some threats that require to be resolved so as to continue on serving its prospects to the optimum. The website is presently facing limited levels of competition from sites such as,,, and These are corporations that supply the exact commodities to the prospects and use the website for their retail. These are sites that are growing and so pose a threat of competing for prospects. The website is also shelling out a good deal of revenue in promoting for its products and in integrating new technology. This is revenue that the firm is not certain whether it will get better in the current planet of levels of competition. Some of the prospects are always anxious of the privacy of the facts that they put on the website. The difficulty of on-line fraud is another big trouble that could hinder individuals from registering with the website. These individuals really feel that the aspects of their personal facts could be accessed by some ineffective individuals or their revenue could be shed in the method. Yet another danger is the chance of hackers (Mark, 2009: These are individuals who wipe out the program of a firm with a bad intention or for the enjoyment of it. Hackers make the program to crash whereby the program are unable to function any further not except if formatting is completed and the application is put in at the time a lot more. The time needed to set up the application could direct to the reduction of a lot of prospects considering that the prospects are not knowledgeable of the trouble that they could be facing in the website. The federal government could build legislations in the potential that could not favor on-line retailing. This would signify that all the revenue that the firm has put in in establishing and retaining the website is shed.


A SWOT evaluation of an on-line retail firm can help the firm know its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strengths of RockCreek assist it know the potent details that it has towards its opponents. One of its potent details is the development of a personal account that can help prospects have entry to all the good attributes of the site. The weaknesses cover individuals areas that the website is weak in, in relation to other opponents. The opportunities are the areas exactly where the firm has odds for improvement. The threats determine all the elements that pose good dangers to the firm especially exactly where competing corporations are concerned. The SWOT evaluation can assist a firm come to a decision the steps that it will choose so as to retain its aggressive advantage.


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