Versions and Functions of Tv Computer Cables

A tv computer cable is a cord connecting a computer and a television to enable display of images from the monitor on the television. This way, you can enjoy watching internet television or insert your favorite DVDs in your computer’s drive and watch the show on TV. Alternatively, you may also use the television as a big-screen monitor for your computer and enhance your web-surfing sessions. Best of all, the cable transforms your computer into a home theater PC to boost your home entertainment system.

Every version of tv computer cable works in a different way. The cables mainly differ in the way they connect to the computer. These cables are usually connected to the computer via the outputs on the video card. Then there are different ways in each television supports the connection by a particular cable.

The User-Friendly Cable

A standard tv computer cable simply directs your monitor displays to the television. Depending on your current PC settings and the make of your television, you may have to work on the display options and hardware of your computer to get crystal-clear displays on your television. This is because televisions feature different display resolutions as compared to monitors.

However, those cables that also serve as converters will automatically adjust the display on your television. These cables usually need a power source like the USB port of the computer. With such cables, you simply have to plug in the cable and enjoy your videos on the TV.

TV displays are a good option if you intend to use it for watching television shows and movies. However, a television might not be the best choice if you simply need a larger computer monitor. The PC to TV cable may not work if your computer is an older version with an out-of-date video card. Old televisions with low resolutions might also present problems with display.

Lastly, remember that a tv computer cable will not allow you to watch television displays on your PC. For such a purpose, you would need to install a TV tuner card.