User Journey Mapping

User journey mapping is the step by step journey that a consumer will take to achieve their intention. In a website, for instance, this journey will typically consist of a number of website web pages and choice factors that have the consumer from one step to a different. The consumer journey is established to map out the latest journey a typical consumer may choose to achieve their specific intention, and is then redesigned to variety an ‘ideal’ journey. The output is usually a move diagram demonstrating each web page and choice level in the course of the full system.

User journey mapping can also be known as ‘customer journey mapping’ or ‘user flows’ and are established as section of the User Centred Design system. The consumer journey is a handy resource to assist in the growth of a wireframe prototype. The great journey for each typical state of affairs is employed to prioritise characteristics and content material on each web page to assist the consumer in achieving their intention as speedily as achievable, and these priorities are translated into the wireframes.

A typical website consumer journey will start out at the household web page and conclude when the consumer leaves the internet site. Even so, to get a complete understanding of the consumer journey, it is important to review the steps and choice making the consumer will take prior to landing on the website, and all over again when they depart the internet site. This builds a photo of the complete journey and highlights wherever the website lives in the whole journey, and consequently what position it requires to engage in. This facts can then be employed to aid the journey and assistance the consumer to achieve their intention. Whilst a website instance is employed listed here, the system is the very same for any touchpoint.


The map of the present consumer journey gives a apparent watch on how effortless or tricky it is for a typical consumer to achieve their intention. This map will speed up the planning of a new growth mainly because it immediately highlights the latest problems. If this map is then followed by an great consumer journey map, the job group get a fast feel for how the internet site need to perform, what content material and performance is demanded to fulfill the consumer requires, and what web pages are demanded to aid the journey.

Building the design all around the consumer journeys also gives confidence that the ultimate answer will cater to the typical users’ requires.


The great journey can typically verify to be tricky to carry out, with company objectives and technological/design limitations impacting the potential to generate a fast journey, consequently, it is important to create the great journeys with a multidisciplinary group to make sure all angles are included. Balancing consumer aims and company aims is pretty important at this stage to make sure equally are taken care of without having impacting each other.


User journeys are pretty handy to speed up the planning of a new job by highlighting the latest problems and generate an great photo from a typical user’s standpoint early in the system. As lengthy as the job group contains a usability/shopper practical experience qualified to assistance equilibrium the company aims with the consumer aims, the consumer journeys are invaluable in building a thriving job design.