Use of Language Lab in English Language studying/training

Introduction of technology In Language training/studying

Emerging technologies make it simple to solution studying in methods that have been advocated by researchers, theorists, and instructional psychologists for a long time.  Advanced information technologies this sort of as digital reality, visualization, digital modeling, digitization, simulation, video games, digital worlds and intelligent 1-on-1 tutoring techniques considerably boost training and studying of elusive concepts by translating abstractions into actual-globe contexts and furnishing tailored instructionand individualized assessments.  To realize the full opportunity of this technology and to make sure its pervasiveness in all institutions of studying and instruction, we need to undertake a long-time period, substantial-scale effort and hard work to investigate, establish, take a look at and disseminate applications for developing state-of-the-art studying techniques.

Pedagogy of studying as a result of know-how

I Assimilating what has been acquired

These are normally guided physical exercises. They are utilized to assistance pupils assimilate grammatical and lexical buildings, as effectively as phonetics. They consist of the subsequent:

-Repetition Exercises  (Word Pronunciation, Sentence Pronunciation).

_ Substitution / Transformation Exercises (Sentence Apply, Grammar Apply).

II Putting the procedures into practice

These are guided physical exercises. Their objective is to highlight precise useful elements inside a language:

_ Reflection on the organization of sentence elements (Word Buy).

_ The use of vocabulary and grammar in fill-in-the-blanks physical exercises, which call for pupils to assess a sentence in its entirety in purchase to place the correct term (The Proper Word, Fill-in-the-Blanks).

-Vocabulary practice with affiliation physical exercises, which consist of matching a term with its synonym, antonym or a linked impression (Word Affiliation, Image / Word Affiliation).

_ Reflection on vocabulary or grammar using texts or lexical teams, in which pupils need to detect phrases belonging to a precise grammatical or lexical group (Words and Features, Words and Matters).

III Mastering the language The objective of these types of physical exercises is to set the acquired information into practice as a result of prepared expression. The physical exercises consist of:

_ Guided expression, consisting of the transformation of context (Textual content Transformation).

_ Semi-guided expression, in which it is important to publish texts based on an impression or video, or to publish a summary of a lengthier textual content (Written Expression).

Procedures of Instructing/Learning

Learner can reply at ease for communicative mode of training. Communicative system for studying languages combines comprehensive, higher-excellent content material with versatile and interactive multimedia technology. This complete language-studying system can act as a whole resolution for self-training, as effectively as a training aid to official programs. By way of a wide assortment of things to do, a range of expertise are aimed to establish in a learner. A learner requirements to communicate: oral and prepared comprehension, as effectively as oraland prepared expression. It also addresses the concepts of grammar, lexicon, phoneticsand conjugation.In purchase to accomplish this objective, there are a few feasible Learning Modes:

The Guided Method offers a action-by-action review training course. Structured into Learning Paths, this mode focuses on the acquisition of useful language designs throughout a wide spectrum of themes. In this mode a learner at decrease intermediate amount can find out pronunciation, grammar, capabilities of phrases and vocabulary by implementing and working towards the procedures.

The No cost-to-Roam Method presents a college student the solution of studying by subject or by linguistic ability. This mode is specifically handy for pupils who are at intermediate amount of studying and also for academics who want to familiarize them selves with the content material readily available to them.

The Dynamic Method can take a college student beneath its wing. By analyzing a student’s results, this mode adapts the training course of review to make sure that it corresponds to the student’s requirements and talents. The things to do made available evolve in relation to the student’s results and original targets. Advanced learners can straight away be immersed in an authentic studying context as a result of

-the several dialogues and video clips, which illustrate every day and experienced everyday living.

-In line with recent pedagogical trends, familiarizing pupils with the voicing of the language using recordings built by native speakers.

-Subsequently, pupils will tackle concepts of grammar, lexicon, phoneticsand conjugationthey have earlier satisfied in context, allowing them to understandand retainthese notions.

-Last but not least, in purchase to strengthen the information they have acquired, pupils will be asked to apply it in a simple context.

All the modes can be utilized for the learners of the same class according to their talents and abilities. Therefore individualized studying can be inspired, as a result of using the cultural texts, photos, maps and corresponding things to do.

Methodology of Instruction

It is followed in the Communicative and integrated solution. It retains the ability to use language to communicate as central goal, to make indicating-centered activity which simulates actual everyday living transactions crucially activity is on the learner’s component, with the instructor remaining additional of a facilitator and information. The kind of Syllabus framed is Analytic. It equips the learner with language to use it in a range of scenarios (actual or simulated) covering the varied reasons for which they have to communicate in corporate globe. The learner analyses these wholes and develops a perception of the designs of utilization. Therefore they find out language by natural means by remaining immersed in its communicative use. In these things to do, learners move from controlled practice of a conditional type introduced in an Audio or Online video type or Looking at textual content or the mixture of equally to the activity in which they have to create in Spoken or Written mode. This Presentation-Apply-Generation (PPP) model is followed in the lesson plans.

Use of Language Lab with Teacher’s Console

Language Lab can be utilized for training/studying as a result of teacher’s Console and Language Learning Computer software.It acts as a platform for studying, working towards and generating language expertise as a result of interactive classes and communicative mode of training. Learners can act and reply in a range of methods at their have pace. Language lab may have the subsequent targets, reasons, capabilities to operate on.


  • To sustain good linguistic competence- as a result of accuracy in grammar, Pronunciation & Vocabulary.
  • To establish pragmatic competence, to understand the grammatical type & perform & scale of formality.
  • To enrich the discourse competence, to put together the learner to be equipped to create contextualize prepared textual content and speech.
  • To purchase strategic competence to use equally spoken & prepared language to use in a wide assortment of conversation methods.

Needs of teacher’s Console

  • Remain in handle- Checking the pupils from the teacher’s Pc when they are on self studying.
  • Strengthen studying- Facilitating broadcast and sharing documents from Teacher’s Pc to the other college student workstations as a result of audio, video, textual content and impression.
  • Instructing with application that is approachable- Pairing and grouping the pupils to facilitate group discussions. Content material authoring to generate training course product, and assessments.
  • To make sure the finest studying results

one) Remain in handle

New methods of studying and interacting in the classroom demand new methods of controlling college student activity. Many application language studying solutions maintain academics and learners firmly at the middle of studying activity with a suite of classroom management applications: handle internet browsing manage chat periods observe students’ on-screen operate and things to do black out screens lock cursors and keyboards to concentration interest on a offered activity shut down, log off or restart college student computers and so on.

two) Strengthen studying

Instructors can use conversation applications that are acquainted to their pupils, this sort of as textual content messaging or chat, to communicate with them in an participating way and by developing additional options to interact in the goal language. Learners can strengthen their language in several things to do. They can revise pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and conversations

three) Instructing with application that is approachable

Instructors will be beautifully at ease by using training application, as the interfaces are person-helpful and activity-driven, so that things to do that are not in use can’t be accidentally selected to confuse the instructor and disrupt the lesson. No specialized IT expertise are necessary in the comfortable training and studying natural environment delivered by the interface.

4) To make sure the finest studying results

Language Learning Computer software presents learners access to assets for impartial or supplemental studying and review. This distinctive studying-on-demand element generates extra studying options and reinforces classroom activity. It is feasible to carry out & practice  assessments and get results in individualized manner.

Features of Teacher’s Console:

  1. Live Audio & Online video broadcasting
  • To broadcast are living Audio and Online video from information and instructional channels of  Tv or from net
  • To broadcast the teacher’s screen or a selected student’s to other computers
  • To broadcast Audio and Online video from any analog source i.e. DVD, MP3 & CD and so on
  1. Checking the student’s workstations
  • To Keep an eye on students’ screens as a whole and also on personal foundation from the teacher’s workstation
  • To take handle or terminate applications on any college student laptop
  1. Speech drill physical exercises

To practice voice based things to do like speech drill physical exercises as a result of model imitation, voice recording, voice graph and variable velocity playback to neutralize accent & purchase fluency

  1. Team Discussions
  • To carry the pupils into random or conventional teams to carry out group discussions and part plays from their workstations.
  • Live recording of dialogue content material for every single group so that the instructor can provide feedback on their functionality
  1. Content material Authoring and Conducting on the net evaluation
  • To mix textual content, video, photos and audio to structure tailored training course products.
  • To generate, edit and score tests, quizzes and assessments using textual content, graphics, audio and video.

Methods to make improvements to macro expertise of language Although Language Lab

Amongst the 4 macro expertise of language studying, listening and looking at are receptive expertise while talking and composing are the effective expertise. These expertise can be enhanced efficiently, when the learner learns at his have pace. With the assistance of the useful tool- Language Lab with Teacher’s Console, language expertise can be learnt, practiced and evaluated as a result of the methods followed.

I) Methods to make improvements to listening

The primary type of linguistic conversation is speech and so listening is the most significant receptive (and studying) ability for foreign language pupils. An ability to hear and interpret quite a few shades of indicating from what is listened to, is a basic communicative ability.

Instructing listening requires instruction in some ‘enabling skills’ — notion of appears, tension, intonation designs, accents, attitudes and so on, as effectively as ‘practice’ in several kinds of listening comprehension.

a) Perception / Pronunciation

Exact notion of the appears of the language is the first stage which leads to interpretation and comprehension. When listening to a foreign language, we need to know the appears, rhythms, tunes and tension designs of that language. All the pronunciation operate which we do will gain the students’ listening ability.

one) Phonetics: The appears of the English language can be prepared down using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) which is utilized in all Longman dictionaries. Use of negligible pair notion physical exercises (ship/sheep, 10 /then) aids pupils find out the appears of English. It can be effectively practiced on pronunciation physical exercises with the assistance of application or by using CDs in language lab.

two) Interpretation: We hear to interpret indicating. Most of the physical exercises which pupils will do concentration on listening comprehension, which is, decoding indicating from spoken language.

three) Listening to phrases: In prepared language, there are convenient white spaces involving phrases. While spoken language is a continual stream of audio. The learner has to shell out interest to understand the indicating of phrases spoken.

b) Equipment for Listening

one) Acoustics: Our ability to hear is vital to our ability to hear. The first set of concepts concerns the production, corruption, transmission and reception of spoken language.

two) Use of language laboratory: Earphones and headphones deliver undistorted audio right to the ears. It is improved practiced in a language laboratory with the assistance of head telephones and earphones this presents suitable disorders for intense listening.

c) Organizing listening comprehension things to do

As in looking at comprehension, there really should always be a ‘purpose’ in listening. In most circumstances, this will be some type of comprehension. We really should establish common ‘procedures’ for listening things to do in which pupils will establish from normal (gist) to precise comprehension as a result of recurring listening and a precise activity at every single stage.

one) Comprehension the setting: Just after the first listening, pupils really should be equipped to understand the setting of the recording — where the speakers are from, how quite a few speakers there are, the ages, roles, professions, moods of the speakers, and so on., and what they are conversing about. This encourages pupils to think about the setting so that they can go on to speculate about the content material of what the speakers will say. This first listening makes it possible for the pupils to get accustomed to the voices.

two) Pre-teach hard vocabulary: Instructing isolated and meaningless lists of phrases and phrases is almost certainly not a good idea. Instructors may select to introduce the setting just before the pupils hear. This presents an prospect to elicit or introduce and demonstrate the kind of language we may possibly hear in that setting. This language is shown on the board and pupils hear and mark what they essentially listened to.

three) Focused listening: Listening jobs really should give the pupils a reason for listening and concentration their interest. These listening jobs really should be set just before the pupils hear. This intense listening needs intense concentration. Consequently the listening activity can be confined for 10 to fifteen minutes.

4) Comprehending: In substantial lessons we will almost certainly have unique levels of competence. There is no reason why all the pupils need to operate on the same activity. Similarly, if we have additional than 6 concerns, teams of pupils can be offered concerns one-5, concerns 6-ten and so on. Just after listening pupils share their responses.

5) Investigation: Just after pupils have recognized the gist and some significant information of a recording, it can be analyzed in additional element and look into the way in which the speakers have expressed the concepts. How a great deal have they revealed their temper, their viewpoints and so on? Investigation of the velocity and fashion of speech, the use of hesitation, repetition, wrong commences, paraphrasing and so on can also be practiced.

6) Graded Listening jobs: We teach listening by developing up comprehension from normal comprehension to identifying precise information. We can also quality the listening jobs from simple to additional hard by the type of concerns we use and it can be evaluated based on the variety of out set by the learners in the type of composing or talking.

II) Methods to make improvements to talking

Students’ speech evaluation is feasible as a result of the digital recorder modules in language studying application. Students’ audio recordings can be scored or saved for later on evaluation. The Instructors can History their have voice notes that pupils can hear later on as they evaluation their operate.

Team Discussions & Purpose Performs: The pupils on unique workstations can be grouped and set into random pairs or teams to take part in part plays and group discussions. Instructors can hear right or intervene as when needed to handle, observe and assess the system. It can also be recorded and saved for later on evaluation.

Electronic Recorder: This application module makes it possible for pupils to encounter interactive multimedia applications although simultaneously recording their have voices for practice. Making use of this, pupils truly feel like they are interacting with a are living native speaker and they can enhance their comprehension, vocabulary and talking expertise. By introducing subtitles, looking at expertise are also improved. Quizzes and assessments can be prepared by using textual content, graphics, video and audio products. These quizzes are graded automatically

Voice Recognition Technology: This technology is integrated into the Pronunciation module of the application. Making use of the developed in microphone on your computer, the learner will be equipped to repeat phrases soon after they hear from a native speaker as a result of computer speakers. The application will assess their pronunciation and look at a waveform representation of the native speaker’s pronunciation with a waveform of their pronunciation. An accuracy scale on the screen with display their voice match to the native speaker on a scale of “Terrible”, “Satisfactory”, and “Great”.

III) Methods to make improvements to Looking at & Creating

The important to studying a language is the recurrent exposure and use of vocabulary and grammar. The common particular person need to be exposed to a term or phrase 100s of instances just before integrating it into fluent dialogue. The key thresholds of attaining language fluency are the learner’s ability to:

  • Study a foundation vocabulary of close to 2000 phrases for day–to–day use
  • Study the procedures of grammar
  • Vocabulary Classes
  • Grammar Exercises
  • Interactive Tales/scenarios

a) Grammar Exercises – Looking at, Creating, Comprehension

The goal of these physical exercises is to make the information of how the phrases in good shape together to make perception. Some of the physical exercises may be translations some others can be developed to teach the learner to think in English by inquiring them to transform a phrase in a precise way. This element needs to kind responses inside the physical exercises, furnishing a simple and productive type of composing instruction.

Looking at Comprehensions can be offered in the type of tales, circumstance lets, circumstances, descriptions and narrations. The learners can be inspired by allowing them to follow the unique approaches of looking at this sort of as, skimming and scanning. They can be followed by things to do in teams as a result of physical exercises on term meanings, vocabulary, fill in the missing information, composing summary / gist. Note taking, assumed provoking concerns for group discussions, brainstorming periods and so on.

b) Creating physical exercises: Creating can be practiced as a result of typing on gap fill physical exercises and model format for E-mail, letter, memo, experiences and resume. They can also put together the paper for displays. These can be observed and edited by the teacher as a result of the Teacher’s Console.

Written Support: – The instructor can mail messages to information learners with their operate and learner can reply. The instructor can also initiate a textual content chat session with solitary & numerous learners. In this feed back again can be offered on the location.

Observe studying development as a result of Language Learning Computer software

Language studying application presents academics with a variety of approaches for analyzing students’ functionality and tracking their development. By using composing, listening, recorded and Website-based things to do to stimulate learners to make use of their increasing oral and prepared language expertise, store results for comparison in excess of time, so the instructor/learner can evaluate development.

Test module beneath the Teacher’s Console presents a entire interactive and automatic quiz module. They can have textual content, graphics, audio, video in the quiz. This makes it possible for instructor to use almost any media readily available to generate assessments and assess the learners. Ex. Dilemma types may consist of numerous options, real/wrong, fill in the blanks and essay.  Speaking can also be evaluated as a result of digital recorder module. Students’ functioning on assignments or conversations in teams can be evaluated. Their audio recordings can be scored in and saved for evaluations.

Studies and stats for assessments are straight away readily available at the conclusion of the every single session, supplying the significant information of the class, personal college student and personal question in tabular, graphical representation or pie diagram model.


There is always scope for enhancement and improvement in any discipline and for any subject matter. It has to be accomplished with dedication and enthusiasm. We are habituated to the conventional training approaches. It is higher time that our training approaches have to bear a transform. Until the new technology is adopted in English language training, we can not impart language expertise in our learners at the rate of increasing level of competition. According to my view, these are a couple of the whole good deal of methods all those can be utilized to make improvements to language expertise as a result of technology in the current technology. It can be carried out for a learner of any age at any stage.  It will be additional productive if technology is introduced from the elementary amount. According to my view complete language studying (language along with expertise) is feasible as a result of equally classroom and language lab training, as utilized for science topics.



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