Touch Screens

Bored of using mouse & trackballs???
Looking for a user-friendly input device???
We have the solution TOUCH SCREEN
Touch screens: Our 5-wire resistive touch screens are very accurate and reliable. Everyone can use them for whatever purpose he or she wants.
Our touch screens enlarge the active area to the entire screen, and advance an excellent quality as compared to common displays because of improved flatness and durability of the touched surface.
Want to have New Device Technology in your old monitor or Laptop???
Instantly convert it into Touch – interactive device
We have the solution ADD-ON TOUCH SCREEN KITS
The Add-On Kit can be easily mounted on ANY monitor / Laptops/POS systems and used for ANY mouse driven application. It also helps children to start learning how to use computer without the difficulty of using the mouse.
Easily mounts on ANY standard computer monitor with simple attachments. We offer a variety of touch screen and display solutions .We provides 5wire Resistive touch panel + USB or Serial controller with cable for different sizes.
Our products offers are compatible with current market standards and are of the highest quality at very competitive prices and in volume.
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