The Types Of Computers You Can Buy Today

Choosing a computer has become more complex than it was a few years ago. Then, you only had to choose from one or two types. However, today that choice has grown considerably.
If you are deciding to buy a new computer or replace an old model there are a few types you can consider. Below is a brief description of the different types and styles of computers that are available on the market today.

The Desktop PC

This is the most common type of computer that you will see in many households and offices. As its title suggests this type of computer is placed on a desk or any flat surface. Compared to a laptop the desktop computer is meant to stay in one position. The desktop comes with a separate monitor and separate computer tower that hold the drives and other hardware. The towers can either be upright or they can lie flat. It is usual to place the monitor on the flat version. The upright tower is usually placed underneath the desk.

The Laptop and the Notebook

These more mobile and portable computer styles are becoming more and more popular. These come in a variety of weights. As time progresses the laptop will become lighter and slimmer. The notebook is a smaller version of the laptop to provide the ultimate portable machine. At the moment they can weigh in as low as 4lbs. The key difference with the laptop is that the computer screen is built into the main frame of the computer creating one single unit. The screen is foldable which can be opened and closed. The laptop and notebook usually have a built in mouse that comes in the form of a touch pad however, they still have the capacity to use the standard external mouse.
Notebooks are put into the same category as laptops however, they have limited functions. They are being developed to provide more options. They are mostly used to provide a portable way to surf the net and access emails while on the move

The Tablet or touch screen Computers

Many consider this style the future of mobile computers. The likes of Microsoft and particularly Apple are developing this market very fast. As the names suggest these are basically a screen where you can write on and switch from different applications with a touch of a finger. These are very flat and light in weight.