I’ve discovered that working from home – mostly from my computer chair – doesn’t burn too many calories, no matter how fast my fingers fly across the keyboard. And sitting, inactive (except for my fingers) in my office somehow makes me hungry. So there’s two strikes against me: exercising less and eating more. Not a good recipe for weight loss. So it came as no surprise when I stepped on the scale a couple months after I started working from home and saw a higher number than I expected. Gasp!

Here are 6 things I’ve found that help to keep the pounds from piling on:

1. Recognize different hunger pangs. As noted above, working makes me hungry! But, really, my “hunger” is probably more stress or bored related than a valid need for fuel. If I’m stuck in a certain spot of an article I’m writing, I reach for the chips to help me “think” or pass the time until I get a brainstorm. It’s important to recognize when true hunger strikes and not feed your emotions. Temporary pleasure is not worth the inevitable larger numbers on that scale.

2. Write it down. For those who don’t believe writing down what you eat makes a difference, I challenge you to try it for one week. If nothing else, you will be more aware of every chip, every spoonful of ice cream you’re putting in your mouth. Simply seeing it on paper is often enough to keep you, or put you back, on track.

3. Keep Healthy Snacks within reach. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in your desk drawer. Granola bars, a baggie full of wheat thins or dry cheerios, a banana or an orange…when good options are available, we’re more apt to make good choices. It’s when the only things at hand are chocolate bars and greasy chips that you run into a problem.

4. Water. Water. Water. Yes, we all know the health benefits of drinking eight glasses of water per day. But water is not only good for you it keeps you full so you’ll be less likely to reach for food. The recommended water intake is half your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weight 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water each day. That’s only about three 24-ounce bottles per day. No problem! Keep three water bottles in a cooler next to your desk or fill up a 64-ounce water bottle in the morning and keep it nearby. Then start chugging!

5. Put a Lock on the Refrigerator Door. Just kidding (sort of). Unless you really lack discipline and a lock is necessary, simply pack your lunch every day like you’re leaving the house for work. Take your lunch bag with you to your office and only eat what you pack. Pretend the refrigerator and cupboards aren’t within twenty feet of your desk.

6. Take a Break. But not to rest, to exercise! I’ll admit, sometimes I intend on taking a …

Gadgets, boys toys, and stuff like that are what made life pleasurable. They do bring joy to anyone who receives them as gifts or just buys for personal collection. The doohickeys are lotsa great! It’s a 4 in one thing. Gadget pens are extraordinary. They not only write but light your way or shock you. You can get one value for four. Who needs separate stuff!

For the computer whiz, pc gadgets for your entire computer needs. Components are not only meant for audiophiles. PC gadgets for the computer crazy abound. Even a USB Desc vacuum! You cannot beat that! The boys would love to get this stuff instead of socks.

For the avant-garde, the USB bouncer can just be your thing. Nobody but nobody can get close. The bouncer is a guard to ensure the safety of your personal computer. All the little paraphernalia you have in and around your computer desk will be protected. It is battery operated and has a built-in sensor to detect movements. “You’re not coming anywhere here lookin like that.” You just have to run for your life.

Gadgets have a way making life easy and delightful. They are great buys for the great help you need. As boys toys are for the letting out of the inner child in all of the boys. Let loose the boy in you with the sling shot catapult. The trendy looking catapult equipped with softball bullet is great for indoor fun. Here you would not know how to separate the boys from the men.

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Next time you buy gifts for the big boys and the little boys in your life, think fun and extraordinary. Gadgets and boys toys as gifts can send the recipients shoot up into heaven. All your guys, little or big, can share the fun of racing cars, flying planes, shooting catapults and just helping each other discover the different uses of pen gadgets, pc gadgets, keyrings and others. Oh what fun it will be!

It is like Christmas is here everyday. Since Christmas spells fun and excitement, so do the giving of gifts of gadgets and boys toys to all the men who deserve to have …

As computers become a more integral part of today’s lifestyle and practices, new medical conditions are developing as a result of their usage. The most common to date is computer vision syndrome (CVS), with symptoms that include double vision, itching eyes, headaches, blurred vision, eye pain and irritation, tired and burning eyes, watering or dry eyes, eye fatigue, eye strain and soreness. One would never imagine that such a useful and innovative tool could cause so much physical discomfort! As a result of CVS, science professionals seized the opportunity to create computer eyeglasses to alleviate these common conditions and make computer usage less painful and more comfortable.

The symptoms of CVS affect adults as well as children. Although children normally have different requirements for near and distance vision glasses, computer eyeglasses can be used universally for both groups. Please note that near and distance vision glasses should not be used as replacements for computer glasses. They do not serve the same purpose, and in some cases will cause more harm than good. If you are experiencing other vision problems not related to computer usage, please see a specialist to get your eyes tested.

Getting computer eyeglasses with a light tint would also prove beneficial for your eyes. Although the main reason for symptoms of CVS is the fact that the eyes are constantly re-focusing, spending a lot of time in brightly lit offices also produces some of the same symptoms. By using lightly tinted computer glasses, your eyes will be better able to focus, while the lighting in the room is being adjusted to the correct level.

Not every computer user needs computer eyeglasses, but most people who use the computer frequently throughout the day will stand the chance of experiencing negative symptoms. We still recommend that you invest in a pair in case you fall into that category! Besides, computer eyeglasses can be beneficial in the long run by reducing excessive focusing demands on your eyes. They may also be useful in preventing or retarding development of any eye conditions that could result from computer usage.

Investing in a good pair of computer eyeglasses is using the proactive approach. Although the problems may not yet start to show their ugly heads, getting the eyeglasses will fix them before they actually start. After all, everybody wants to be able to witness the constant evolution of one of modern man’s most impressive technological advancements to date.…

Use your mouse correctly

There are two most famous mousses in the world, one is Mickey Mouse, and the other is computer mouse. We work with mouse everyday, don’t we? That sounds like a joke, but think about the computer, don’t we use the mouse everyday? Without a computer mouse, you’d need to remember difficult keyboard shortcuts to perform any function on your computer. With a mouse, you simply move the physical mouse around until the arrow on the screen matches the object you want to select, and click away. Mice are infinitely customizable, and they provide the easiest possible way to interact with your computer.

Calibration changes how your physical mouse interacts with your computer. If you feel like you have to make big, clumsy swipes with the mouse to move the arrow, you can calibrate your mouse to be more sensitive. On the other hand, if you feel like every tiny movement of the mouse sends your arrow darting across the screen, you can reduce the sensitivity and tone down your mouse.

Finally, if your computer mouse moves too quickly for you to follow, you can program it to move slower, or to give you a longer interval that gives you time to perform a double-click. Mouse calibration enables you to use your mouse in whatever manner suits you best, so calibrate your mouse if you’re having trouble.

To calibrate your mouse, consult your manufacturer’s instructions, or go into your Control Panel on your computer. Some mice come with custom software to control mouse functionality, but you may also be able to adjust your mouse settings from the Control Panel by selecting the Mouse icon.

Mouse is necessary element of our computers, and it has many functions can be developed. It seems to be almighty. If you want to buy a mouse, buy online, the mouse are sold at low price online, and the styles is various, you can choose what you like. A Highly Portable Bluetooth computer mouse can make you work happily.

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Unlike any other computer hardware and parts, looking for a pair of good, high-quality computer speakers is fairly easy. You don’t have to visit each Apple store in Santa Monica just to get one that will perfectly match your desktop or laptop. Truth is, as long as you know the essential features that you need for you speakers, buying a pair will never be a sweat,

So, here’s a guide to computer speakers so you could easily identify what features to look for when buying a pair or two.

3D-Sound: If the sound card of your computer is capable of 3D-sound, you may want to get a four- to six-speaker setup. This should provide superb sounds that make you r music come to life. A 3D-sound is also perfect for computer games with heavy effects.

Subwoofer: Are you the type of music lover who wants to hear the sound of the songs fully and flatteringly? For the extended bass sound, make sure to get a subwoofer along with the computer speakers you purchase.

Corded or Wireless: While most computer speakers still make use of a standard power cord, there are models that are already wireless and make use of batteries instead. While battery-operated speakers are more portable and flexible, it is still much more functional and practical to get the corded ones for better power and performance.

Volume Control: Make sure that your speakers have a volume control that is easy to access and use. This would give you control over the volume without managing it from your PC or laptop.

Style: While the appearance or style of the computer speakers are not really as important as other technical features, you may still want to consider it, especially if you are going to match it with your computer or laptop. Will they be too big for your laptop or too small for your desktop? Is there enough space on your work table? What color of speakers would look good on your computer?

Keeping these guidelines in mind, you can be sure of which pair or set of computer speakers to purchase. Whether they’re from the Apple store or any other computer shop, and no matter which brand name they use, as long as they have the features that you are looking for, then they will definitely be perfect for your computer or laptop.…

The benefits of an ergonomically designed office are far too many to ignore. The use of ergonomic furniture setup in an organization has immense advantages from the management perspective as well as from the employees. One cannot but discount that the comfort levels of the employees is very significant to an organization whose business involves long durations at desk jobs.

The usage of ergonomic furniture clearly indicate that the employer is concerned about the health of employees, especially if the work involved, involves a number of hours of sitting viz., software development jobs, desk jobs etc., There would be a definite sense of comfort and satisfaction from the use of these furniture.

Employees are ensured comfort and ease of posture at their work seat. The usual back pain and strain of a normally designed unscientific chair is all to glaring to ignore when unscientific chairs are used. The health of the employees is as important since every one of them is indispensable to any organization. The usage of ergonomically designed furniture will translate into better productivity, lesser fatigue or stress levels and all around good health of the employees – a must for every organization.

For a desk job that involves longs hours at workplace, workplace comfort is of utmost importance. An organization cannot be too casual in discounting the importance of providing an ergonomically designed workplace furniture in order to mitigate the risk of the employees dispensation owing to health related problem significantly back, neck and spinal problems.

Having said this, one would unanimously agree that the office chair, the smallest of office furniture is the most important piece of furniture which is otherwise not ergonomically designed could compound employee health related issues. Ergonomically designed office chairs are but indispensable in ensuring employee comfort and satisfaction. The problem related to unscientific designed chairs like back aches, stiff necks, lower back pain can to a large extent be avoided by using ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomic chairs though they may seem to cost a little more in comparison to the unscientifically designed chairs, are built keeping in mind the curvature of the spinal cord and to ensure there is no undue stress on any part of the body. Moreover, these chairs are more durable and usually outlive the ordinary chairs.

Employees can use these chairs for much longer durations without feeling the pressures of sitting for long hours. There are many advantages to making an investment in ergonomic furniture. Employee fatigue is reduced considerably; they are able to put in more productive hours as a result leading to higher productivity man hours. The better quality of the furniture reduces the wear and tear leading to longer life spans and lesser maintenance costs. Employee absenteeism owing back, neck and spinal related problem can no longer be the only reason for taking sick leave.

Chairs apart, there are the other ergonomic furniture that lead to overall comfort at working. The table if ergonomically designed, takes specific note of the distance between the chair, the …

The reception area serves as a preview of the kind of working environment that the business has. The reception area’s set-up can either make a person feel welcome or intimidated, as it gives a clue on the working condition exiting within the inner office. For potential business partners or investors, the reception area gives a glimpse of a company’s assets.

Office reception desks can be readily bought from office furniture shops or custom-made to fit into the size of the reception area. It may be made of wood, metal, glass, marble or a combination of these materials to go with any type of office décor theme. There are also stand-alone, wall-fitted or modular reception desk designs.

Brand-new reception desks can cost a huge sum, especially if it is made of expensive material like oak wood, fine glass or marble. But business owners who are on a budget but still want a formal, corporate ambiance for their business environment can still achieve that look by buying used reception desks. The Internet is a good place to start searching for used reception desks.

Glass reception desk is the best choice if one is to create an ambiance of elegant, sleek and high-end business environment. Offices with glass reception desks are initially perceived as modern, organized and stable by first-time visitors.

To save on costs without sacrificing the quality and look of your office reception desks, you can opt to buy them directly from reception desk manufacturers. Manufacturers open up their warehouses for both wholesale customers or piece-by-piece retailers. For more information and tips On Office Reception Desk visit the website, http://officereceptiondesk.com…

The PC and its Accessories A notebbok computer is a flexible machine capable of undergoing multiple calculations. The modern electronic notebook computer has an high speed and capacity for data processing, compared to earlier designs. Computer accessories give the facility of working on the computer more relaxed and simple.

They help with using the portable PC more handily, and are designed in particular to help clients in their working environment. They are tested products that add lots of functions to computers. Digital PC cameras regularly come with difficult videophone technology, high speed and top quality photos and voice reproduction.

Some computer accessories are simply frivolous customization options, while others are a necessity for anyone who basically plans on leaving their desk with the computer.
Mini digital cameras are a less expensive version of digital video recorders excellent for the conveyable PC user. They’re compact, light and glorious for promoting purposes. A user can download pictures thru a broadcasting wire at a high-speed and can simply send footage through email.

The flash memory can be employed for either information storage and mp3 file storage. Keyboards, scanners and multimedia speakers are critical accessories that pretty much each conveyable PC wishes.
One of the most necessary portable accessories on the market today is the Bluetooth dongle. You’ll be ready to transfer files and folders forwards and backwards without the need for wires getting in the way. Modern Bluetooth dongles are intensely little, designed to fit flush against the side of your laptop so that you do not need to get rid of them during transit and you will not snap them off when they are in use.
Those things are all functional laptop accessories, but what if you would like your laptop to have that additional style it seems to be lacking? Never fear there are loads of means available for you to make your computer stand out from the crowd. Or there are covers for those that need to go all out.…

Choosing a computer has become more complex than it was a few years ago. Then, you only had to choose from one or two types. However, today that choice has grown considerably.
If you are deciding to buy a new computer or replace an old model there are a few types you can consider. Below is a brief description of the different types and styles of computers that are available on the market today.

The Desktop PC

This is the most common type of computer that you will see in many households and offices. As its title suggests this type of computer is placed on a desk or any flat surface. Compared to a laptop the desktop computer is meant to stay in one position. The desktop comes with a separate monitor and separate computer tower that hold the drives and other hardware. The towers can either be upright or they can lie flat. It is usual to place the monitor on the flat version. The upright tower is usually placed underneath the desk.

The Laptop and the Notebook

These more mobile and portable computer styles are becoming more and more popular. These come in a variety of weights. As time progresses the laptop will become lighter and slimmer. The notebook is a smaller version of the laptop to provide the ultimate portable machine. At the moment they can weigh in as low as 4lbs. The key difference with the laptop is that the computer screen is built into the main frame of the computer creating one single unit. The screen is foldable which can be opened and closed. The laptop and notebook usually have a built in mouse that comes in the form of a touch pad however, they still have the capacity to use the standard external mouse.
Notebooks are put into the same category as laptops however, they have limited functions. They are being developed to provide more options. They are mostly used to provide a portable way to surf the net and access emails while on the move

The Tablet or touch screen Computers

Many consider this style the future of mobile computers. The likes of Microsoft and particularly Apple are developing this market very fast. As the names suggest these are basically a screen where you can write on and switch from different applications with a touch of a finger. These are very flat and light in weight.…

A laptop desk tray is a perfect solution when you need a portable and space saving work place. The laptop desk tray can hold a laptop similar to computer desk, and can even have spare spaces for any other peripherals like mouse etc. Most of these trays are made of light weight wood but are really durable. Further complex designs are available, some laptop desk tray are adjustable. Users can raise the surface area of the desk tray according to the laptop and adjust its height to the level of its comfort. Laptop desk trays are mobile and versatile, designed to move and fit anywhere.
Browsing our collection for the right laptop desk tray

Laptop desk tray collection is viewed for its value functionality and versatility. These laptop desk trays are compact and portable, easy to fit and store. This tray is available in adjustable height and provides extra space for other holdings. Versatility is defined in their designs; attractive finish and appealing colors. This laptop desk tray not only maintains the weight of laptop but also keep all other necessities of users on finger tips. Consider your need and choice for the right laptop desk tray.
Varieties of laptop desk tray available

Designers have designed laptop desk tray in different varieties for comfort and convenience of users. This desk tray provides additional storage shelves for printer and other accessories. The versatile features like foldablility, easy installation, adjustable height and angle make it to be present in different varieties. There fore this laptop desk tray are available in wonderful forms and functions.
Where laptop desk tray is available?

If you have decided to have a laptop desk tray then you have multiple choices or sources to get them. For off line transaction departmental or local stores are the best places to buy a laptop desk tray. It is really good to have a feel of the product before going to get it. Visit your local electrical or computer stores to have a glance at the huge varieties of them. Another way to get to the laptop desk tray is our internet based shopping stores. These online stores contain a full description of the product along with their images. Visit thoroughly these websites and do an order for the desired product. These sites provide home delivery service in order to entertain their customer for trendy and decent laptop desk tray…