Space Saving Computer Desk

One of the essentials of 21st century furniture is the computer desk, whether that is a desk big enough to take all the paraphernalia of full-size pc tower, and one of the old-type monitors plus speakers, printer, CD/DVD storage and even, perhaps, gaming joysticks – or a space saving computer desk sufficiently large enough to accommodate a laptop and, perhaps, an LCD monitor. Regardless of the size, however, if you have a computer you are bound to need a designated desk at some point just for your computer requirements. Rather than deciding on the desk you need you would be better advised to look first at the space you have available in which to accommodate your new desk – and then seek out the features you are hoping to include, taking into account the size of desk that will fit the space you have available and, last of all, the style of desk to suit your requirements.

So, first of all, before you even start shopping, you need to decide where you are going to put your desk and measure up those dimensions. Then, decide how much you have available to spend – and, lastly, choose a style that will fit in with how much you can afford to spend. When it comes to some of the more expensive, solid wood desks, the sky really is the limit – even a basic wooden computer desk can set you back a minimum of $250. If you choose a laminate, or one of the plastic/metal combinations, you could probably get away with paying as little as $50 to $60. How about a corner computer desk? Setting a computer desk into a corner of your home is ideal – especially if you have a corner of your home that is under-utilized at present.

The Vantage Corner Desk combines a shelf and cabinet with a pull-out shelf for a keyboard and plenty of desk space for telephone and other accessories. Manufactured in Harvest Cherry, this desk is currently retailing at $239.00. Meanwhile, the O’Sullivan Corner Computer Desk, Model 10349 Soho Corner Workcenter is selling at just $150.00. Another O’Sullivan corner model, Model 11014, is also retailing at just $150.00. Both of these models come flat-packed but are easily put together within a short space of time. Another manufacturer, Bestar, also produces corner computer desks. The Bestar Access 2113 and the Bestar Access 2115 L-shaped computer work center are both well-designed, space-saving models.  

Going slightly more upmarket, at the slightly higher price of $299.00, is the Quebeko Ambience Corner Computer Workstation, Model 7116. Incorporated in this design is an integral filing cabinet. My own personal favorite, however, is the glass computer desks. What I particularly like about this desk is that, apart from its space-saving features, it wears well. It is easily maintained and always looks attractive and, above all, fits with all my other furniture in the room. Furthermore, it was not expensive to buy! I paid $99.99 for the Modern Ergonomic Computer Desk, Model MLS278 – and, as I’ve mentioned, I bought this a couple of years ago and it has fulfilled everything I was hoping for in a computer desk.