SEO Advice: When to Use Subdomains

As a experienced Look for Engine Optimizer, I am questioned a good deal of concerns by individuals who really don’t know the first matter about desktops permit alone look for engines. I am also questioned concerns of individuals fortunate number of who are new to the area, and among these so-known as “newbies” a recurring query often pops up – Which of the adhering to approaches is best to composition web page URLs?

  • www.web OR
  • subdomain.web

In this write-up I will endeavor to response the query, “which URL composition is best in conditions of SEO, subfolders or subdomains?”

Quick Reply: If the breadth of an difficulty or keyphrase will be covered in such element that a new website really should be constructed to best accommodate the articles, or more just, if the site’s graphical navigation will have to have to be altered, use subdomains. In all other instances, use subfolders.

Prolonged Reply: To response this query in element, we will have to have to go above a number of crucial information regarding subdomains, subfolders and web page themes.


  • Represented in the URL by the people immediately after “http://” and the kinds prior to “.web”
  • Are viewed by Look for Engines as totally one of a kind websites impartial of the mother or father domain.
  • Website Authority (in other terms, the capacity for the web page and its subsequent web pages to rank in the look for engines) is not passed down from the mother or father domain.
  • Can be shown on the first website page of the SERPs together with key domain web pages. Feasibly, all ten of the outcomes on the first website page of a look for engine could be subdomains of a solitary mother or father domain.


  • Represented in the URL by the people immediately after “.web” and prior to “filename.html”.
  • Are viewed by Look for Engines as a subdirectory inside a web page.
  • Website Authority is passed down from the key domain.
  • At most, one subfolder can appear on the first SERP from the similar domain or subdomain.

Website Theme:

  • As a common rule, the more centered the concept of a web page the much easier it is for that web page to rank for keyword phrases specifically associated to its concept.
  • Is described using all of the site’s web pages, not just the homepage or major subpages.

So here’s the extended response:

Look for engine optimization is all about driving the most visitors. In which the aim is to make an authority web page with heaps of fantastic articles that will be found by look for engine driven people using laser-goal look for conditions, as properly as one of a kind, “extended-tail” look for conditions that most would never ever consider to improve for, but appear on web pages in the subfolders of your web page and drive visitors just the similar.

Using subdomains may perhaps appear captivating since they can direct to a likely much larger amount of again-links (although not if each individual subdomain is hosted on the similar IP), or they can sway the SERPs in your favor by crowding out the major positions with your web pages. But without having good promotion, a subdomain only stops probable laser-specific as properly as “extended-tail” look for people from obtaining your web page.

My assistance is only to use subdomains when the total of articles on a given subject is so burgeoning that it involves a individual navigation and style and design (i.e. its own website), or is of fantastic plenty of top quality that it will acquire links and stand on its own.

For example:

  • If you have a fifteen website page web page about your lawn-care assistance, and ten of individuals web pages revolve all-around a special fertilizer you’ve produced, you may perhaps consider developing “specialfertilizer.web” so that you can market place your fertilizer individually.
  • Get my firm’s domain “”. Not too long ago, we developed a subdomain “”, since we experienced so much details regarding our wireless software progress answers that it only designed sense to produce a individual web page for it.

In this example, the focus is slender but there is even now an extensive total of articles. So we’re sending people to the subdomain using specific keyword phrases whilst people are also obtaining us using “extended-tail” queries and landing on the web pages of subfolders.

The overall lesson listed here is to produce subdomains ONLY when you have the top quality and/or quantity of articles to assist them. Keep in mind that subdomains are impartial websites in the eyes of the look for engines, indicating that in purchase for them to rank, they will involve promotion and website link constructing endeavours.