Modern-day Checking Technology in Logistics


Cellular Marketing can refer to a person of two groups of marketing. Initially, and fairly new, is intended to explain marketing on or with a cell gadget, this sort of as a  cell telephone (this is an instance of horizontal telecommunication convergence). Second, and a additional conventional definition, is intended to explain marketing in a moving trend – for instance – technology road displays or moving billboards.
Marketing on a cell telephone has turn into ever more preferred at any time given that the rise of SMS (Small Concept Support) in the early 2000s in Europe and some components of Asia when firms started to obtain cell telephone quantities and deliver off wanted (or unwanted) material.

More than the earlier couple of several years SMS has turn into a reputable promoting channel in some components of the globe. This is mainly because unlike e-mail about the community internet, the carriers who law enforcement their possess networks have set guidelines and greatest practices for the cell media industry


Worldwide positioning technique or GPS has created the globe even smaller sized. This enables simple and straightforward tracking of men and women and practically nearly anything. Get information about GPS navigators – how a GPS receiver performs – and find the appropriate a person. One impressive software of the GPS tracking technique is in mapping technology. Another a person is in the benefits that a person can get from car or truck tracking, or when touring with a GPS gadget.

Vehicle Tracking System:

Vehicle Tracking Device outfitted with state of the art GPS receiver presents reliable and correct navigation facts. The device enables the car or truck proprietors or 3rd events to track the site of a Truck, Ship, Container and Auto or any item which is moving.

Vehicle Tracking Device consists of a crafted-in GPS receiver, GSM modem and battery for back up during failure of external power.

All the conversation with the userserver is taken care of by Tri-Band GSMGPRS module which properly provides all the navigation facts. The conversation is both by Small Concept Support (SMS) or GPRS network.

In India, the market place for car or truck tracking, telematics and navigation devices is I creasing as contact facilities and taxi operators adopt the devices in the professional car or truck phase.

Vehicle Tracking System IN INDIA

Itis primarily utilized in transport industry that keeps a actual-time track of all motor vehicles in the fleet. The tracking technique consists of GPS gadget that provides collectively GPS and GSM technology working with tracking program. The connected GPS device in the car or truck sends periodic updates of its site to the rote station by the server of the mobile network that can be displayed on a digital map.

As far as Indian car or truck tracking and navigation market place is involved the recent association of India with Russian Worldwide Navigation Satellite System (GHLONASS) will act as a catalyst in the enhancement of car or truck tracking technique. This will give an benefit in taking care of traffic, roadways and ports and also as an essential resource for law enforcement and security company to track stolen motor vehicles. For this reason, in close to long term there is big prospect for the utility of car or truck tracking technique in India, which can revolutionize the way we are speaking.

Vehicle Tracking Technologies:

  1. VTU
  2. Communication
  3. Maps
  4. Application


Cellular phones are now a necessary section of managing a Enterprise. Organizations have come to depend on the mobility of these phones to successfully run their operations or service buyers. When this mobility is mixed with the understanding of their areas, the efficiency of working with cell phones is drastically increased. Nowadays there are only a couple of cell telephone companies globally presenting cell telephone tracking based mostly only on the GSM network capability with accuracy better just cell tower protection space.

Cellular Telephone Tracking Technologies

MappointAsia employs a technique that utilized information obtainable to cell telephone operators as a make a difference of system to figure out site of any cell phones within the GSM network. The technique makes use of Timing Progress methodology to figure out relative placement of the telephone from a cell sit. When mixed with an correct map of the cell tower areas, a very good placement of the cell telephone can be calculated.

Commercialization of the service currently requires that the man or woman getting tracked indicators a consent kind. The tracking Computer is then loaded with the program and map. When in operation, the Computer should be connected to the curiosity. The ask for is then despatched to the tracking server at MappointAsia which then passes the ask for to the server at the cell operator. Following the ask for is serviced, the facts is despatched back to the Computer for display of the site.

Significance OF Exact Electronic MAPS WITH Traffic Guidelines

In the earlier five several years higher excellent digital maps have turn into obtainable for Thailand and Malaysia. However from the stage of see of logistic experts, maps can be viewed as non-navigable maps or navigable maps. As the names suggest, non-navigable maps are maps that cannot be utilized to determine routings and do not have traffic policies and restrictions as section of their databases. Paper map and raster map are illustrations of the most straightforward kind of standard non –navigable maps. Most digital maps utilized in Thailand for preferred Geographic Info System program this sort of as Map data, Arcinfo or Geo Media are usually non-navigable maps. Navigable maps are digitals maps that have been primarily geared up and usually conform to recognized normal of GDF structure.

Vehicle Tracking:

Following the vans are dispatched, it carries on to be the duty of the fleet supervisor to go on monitoring the fleet. With newest technology obtainable currently, options have been designed that enables the fleet professionals to track the firm fleet in actual –time. Employing Worldwide Positioning System, GPS, and working with cell telephone operator’s GSM network, car or truck tracking technique enables frequent monitoring of the total fleets as effectively as conversation immediately with the driver by voice or by textual content messages. By realizing the genuine site and actual-time position of the service motor vehicles, emergencies can be taken care of and precedence buyers can be serviced or included on to routes in development. The dispatch supervisor can assign the closest or most obtainable car or truck resulting in better service degree as effectively as expense personal savings.

Due to the fact car or truck tracking is a new technology and composes of a number of systems built-in collectively, an essential consideration when selecting a vendor is regardless of whether the firm owns and handle each and every technology or just a reseller. Option from a firm that supplies all factors like hardwarefirmware, program and map technology will function additional seamlessly and smoothly about a technique of patchwork factors. At Map stage/asia we are the developer of all the factors and by not acquiring to depend on exterior suppliers we are ready to customise options, employ and service buyers rapidly and successfully.


Vehicle tracking performs an essential position in situation of producing and logistic               firm but it consciousness is not known to lots of firm . but couple of firm’s like hutsun,aavin, IVRCL and Sakthi masala has utilized this technology and resulted that it provides correct information, speed , significantly less supervision and significantly less expense. Extra about in situation of road way there is a higher turnover of Rs 10 million crore for each 12 months. If firm’s use the system of cell tracking it will be a wonderful reward for the govt as effectively as the manufactures. So consciousness really should be developed among the the manufactures in buy to greatly enhance the reward of firm.