M-Audio Axiom Professional Variety – Introducing HyperControl Technology

The Axiom Professional keyboard controller collection marks the debut of M-Audio’s new HyperControl technology-a powerful url among your M-Audio Axiom Professional and host software program that allows you manage DAW parameters, digital instruments and plug-in’s with an unparalleled degree of dynamic integration. Outside of mechanically mapping your Axiom Professional knobs, buttons, faders and pads, HyperControl presents a collection of exceptional features like continual two-way communication with your software program, intuitive Liquid crystal display exhibit navigation, Transportation Only manner and modular grouping of keyboard controls. You can even deliver ASCII (QWERTY) keyboard shortcuts right from your Axiom Professional controller.

¬†While other MIDI-mapping systems require intricate setups and supply restricted integration with the host software program, HyperControl needs just a one particular-time software program installation in advance of use, and will work with lots of main software program courses like Professional Equipment M-Driven, Motive, Cubase and Logic. Let’s just take an in-depth search at a handful of methods you can use Axiom Professional with HyperControl technology alongside with Professional Equipment M-Driven eight software program to streamline your sessions and optimize your inventive potential.

The Liquid crystal display Exhibit-See HyperControl in Action
The Axiom Professional controller features a big graphic Liquid crystal display exhibit that constantly updates to convey to you what parameters are being controlled. Not like other MIDI-mapping systems, HyperControl receives “responses” from the host software program and displays parameter modifications on the graphic Liquid crystal display in authentic time.

When working with HyperControl in Mixer manner, there are 4 principal screens from which to opt for. The default Household webpage lists the 8 tracks less than Axiom Professional manage and allows you use the encoder knobs to adjust keep track of panning. The Ins webpage displays the plug-ins that are loaded on every single keep track of and assigns the knobs to manage plug-in settings. The Sends webpage lets you to use the encoder knobs to established outcome deliver ranges for your Professional Equipment tracks.

Though the Household and Sends internet pages supply a world wide overview of one particular parameter across a lender of 8 Professional Equipment tracks, the Chan webpage gives a comprehensive view of all parameters on one particular certain Professional Equipment keep track of. You can use the 8 keep track of selection buttons to opt for which keep track of to view, then use the encoder knobs to transform pan and deliver ranges. The F-keys situated underneath the Liquid crystal display display make it possible for quick keep track of navigation and mute/solo of the chosen keep track of.

Send out ASCII (QWERTY) Keyboard Shortcuts from Numeric Keys
Axiom Professional lets you to deliver more than just MIDI details-you can also deliver ASCII keystrokes, emulating Professional Equipment keyboard shortcuts. Absent are the days of interrupting your inventive workflow to help save a session, transform view configurations or develop new tracks. Now you can assign the numeric keys and/or set off pads to perform Professional Equipment features right from Axiom Professional, reducing the volume of time you devote working with a mouse to manage your software program.

M-Audio Axiom Professional ships with two templates made especially for Professional Equipment M-Driven (Mac and Personal computer). These manufacturing unit presets mechanically assign the numeric keypad to deliver pre-outlined Professional Equipment shortcuts-enabling you to set off widespread features with the faucet of a button. Applying the quick-to-navigate menu, you can reassign the buttons to deliver any ASCII vital mixture you would like, then help save your settings to any of the fifty onboard memory patches.

Use Faders to Automate Observe Volume
Applying a tactile manage surface to combine tracks can be liberating-it frees you from being tied to the computer display and provides you a various viewpoint on the music. Axiom Professional gives 8 faders for altering keep track of ranges, as well as a ninth fader for managing the grasp quantity. As you lender by means of tracks working with buttons F6 and F7, a blue outline will appear in the Professional Equipment onscreen exhibit, exhibiting you which tracks are at the moment being controlled by HyperControl.

The Axiom Professional faders appear in specifically useful when automating keep track of quantity in Professional Equipment M-Driven eight. To permit quantity automation in Professional Equipment, transform the keep track of automation selection from “Go through” to “Touch,” and start playback of your session. Any quantity changes you make working with the Axiom Professional faders will be recorded into Professional Equipment. HyperControl makes sure that all modifications built in Professional Equipment are mechanically current on the Axiom Professional controller, and vice versa.

Use HyperControl in Transportation Only Method
When working with Axiom Professional with Professional Equipment M-Driven eight, the six transportation buttons mechanically map to manage the transportation features in Professional Equipment. This provides you rapid and quick obtain to participate in, halt, scroll and record-some of the most routinely utilised features in Professional Equipment. Not like other all-or-absolutely nothing mapping systems, you can also use HyperControl in Transportation Only manner, which frees up the relaxation of the controls to be reassigned just like a regular MIDI controller.

Use Knobs to Regulate Plug-in Parameters
Applying a mouse to edit one particular parameter at a time can be laborious and time-consuming. Axiom Professional features 8 unlimited rotary knobs so you can get your hands on plug-in and digital instrument parameters. The Liquid crystal display display constantly updates to replicate the recent position of the settings you might be modifying. It’s wonderful for discovering various settings until eventually you get the right seem. Professional Equipment M-Driven eight even allows you develop custom made configurations for plug-ins and digital instruments, letting you to simply re-map parameters across the Axiom Professional rotary knobs.

The 8 rotary knobs are best for managing the Digidesign Eleven Absolutely free guitar amp plug-in that is incorporated in Professional Equipment M-Driven eight. HyperControl mechanically maps the 8 knobs to the amp settings in Eleven Absolutely free, so you can adjust achieve, EQ, tremolo, grasp quantity, amp form and speaker cupboard form-all on the fl y. It’s just like dialling in the best tone on a sweet-sounding classic amplifier.

Regulate Virtual Instruments Applying Instrument Method
The F1 Method button on Axiom Professional allows you swiftly toggle among Mixer manner and Instrument manner. Though Mixer manner allows you to adjust keep track of parameters like panning and outcome deliver ranges, Instrument manner mechanically maps the Axiom Professional controls to parameters in your digital instrument plug-ins.

Soon after you’ve got chosen the keep track of you would like to manage, press the F1 Method button to enter Instrument manner-all digital instrument parameters will mechanically map to the Axiom Professional controller’s rotary knobs. If you would instead make changes working with the faders, press the Flip button to swap among faders and knobs. It’s a wonderful way to manage the settings in digital instruments like Digidesign’s new DB-33 tonewheel organ, Mini Grand piano, and Vacuum and Xpand2 synths-all incorporated free in Professional Equipment M-Driven eight.