Logitech Speakers: Powerful, Unmatched Performance, Easy and Affordable

Logitech manufactures speakers for various systems. Broadly they can be classified under four types based on usage. First set of speakers is for home and PC speakers. Second speaker types revolve around iPods. Third set of Logitech speakers is for wireless headphones. Last set of speakers is for wireless music systems.

Home and PC speakers of Logitech are the speakers designed for PC, home entertainment system or digital music player. The USP of Logitech speakers is in its distortion free output and bass, rich and wide range, powerful & thumping music. It is also well known for its ease of use. The most popular ones in this category of speakers are AZ Cinema Advanced Surround Sound System, Z-2300, AudioHub, Z-4, Z-4i and X-240. All these are slightly different from each other but superbly transform the PC audio into high performance theatre sound.

iPod speakers are speakers for iPod. These speakers unleash the big sound in small iPod. DSP controlled, long throw woofers with trademark stereoXL technology dramatically reduces distortion, widens stereo image, produces high precision output and gives powerful bass. It has additional features like wireless remote, multiple convenient features and great audiophile performance. The most popular ones are Pure-Fi Elite, Pure-Fi Dream, Pure-Fi Mobile and Pure-Fi Anywhere.

Wireless headphone speaker from Logitech speakers relies on bluetooth technology with enhanced data rate (EDR) to produce a crystal clear music. Because of bluetooth, it is free from cords. What more, it is compatible with most music players including all kinds of iPods. And this is an international headphone speaker, which means that it can work on voltage range 100-240 and therefore functional in US and Asia.

Wireless music system is capable of creating a wireless music environment at home or anywhere else. This system is able to tap into music on networks be it home PC or internet radio or online music services. The speakers of these Logitech music system has immense control, excellent performance and convenient to use. These speakers have won Best of CES, Home Audio and Innovations awards.

In nut shell, these speakers are capable of mesmerizing your friends, neighbours and above all yourself with its unparalleled performance and sound quality. The wide range of the speakers provides different types of speaker systems, which caters to different needs. It’s truly, a remarkable experience.
There is one speaker for every reason and need. Certainly Logitech Speakers are owners pride.