Internet marketing tricks: Hashtags promotion

Internet marketing is based on conversion funnels: you post something on social media, for instance, and you link to your landing page or blog. Now obviously you want as many as possible people seeing your post: the bigger the marketing funnel is, you are more likely to get more users clicking you’re your link and entering your funnel So how do you increase your posts rating in social media? The following 5 minutes trick will do the job for you:

Step 1: Install a free hashtags popularity tool

Get on the TagPredict Google Webstore page, and install this extension n your Google Chrome: click the  “add to chrome” blue button in the right top side of the screen, then click “Add extension” in the popup window as shown below:


Step 2: Get the list of top popular hashtags

Now, go on the site you want to post your link / advert. In our example it isTwitter, however this process can be implemented on any other site – Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. Once you are on the site, click the “TagPredict” icon in the right top corner of the browser window. After a couple of seconds, a popup window with a hashtags table will be presented, like this one:


This table shows you the TOP TRENDING hashtags at this exact moment, and on the same site that you browse now! So if you are on Facebook for example, those top hashtags are what other people are looking at in Facebook right now.Pay attention you need to be very quick, becausethose trends are live and change all the time.

Step 3: Post your advert, when using the top hashtags from the list

all is left for you to do it to  use those popular hashtags in your post with your link to your website. See the following example :


Once you posted it, the popular hashtags are part of  your post. It should look like that (pay attention to our post at the top of the screen):


That’s it! You are done! You can now relax with a glass of vino and watch how people enter your site.

What is going on?

We used the powerfulTagPredict to get the top popular hashtags currently trending… once you used those popular hashtags, all the people that click the hashtags are viewing your post! Your post rating then goes up, you get extra users, extra clicks, and therefore higher conversion rate.

We also found this social media hashtags tutorial on Youtube, we hope you good luck!