How to Software Your Bell Mobility Sanyo Katana 6600

Using this short guidebook, we will wander you through the system of programming your cell phone selection into your Sanyo Katana 6600 for Bell Mobility. Never worry the system is not tricky. In twelve effortless ways, you can expect to have your cell phone programmed in no time. And you can expect to save up to $25 on in-shop programming expenses.

So let us get began! First, however, turn your cell phone on. If you are applying your battery and do not have your cell phone plugged into your charger, look at to assure that the battery has at least two bars’ truly worth of demand.

Step 1: Push this series of buttons on your cell phone: [#][#][your six-digit Lock Code][#]. The display screen will display screen MDN Services PROGRAMMING. Be sure to take note: If you do not have your Lock Code, contact Bell Mobility consumer company by cell phone at 1-800-667-0123. Or check out our movie Activating Your Bell Cell Cell phone at to uncover out how to get your Lock Code.

Step 2: Push the MENU/Alright vital (centre vital)

Step three: Scroll to Edit and press MENU/Alright.

Step four: Display screen will display screen Cell Variety (MDN).

Step five: If there is a selection in the area erase and then vital in your ten-digit cellular selection & press MENU/Alright.

Step 6: Display screen will display screen MSID.

Step 7: When once more, vital in ten-digit cellular selection & press MENU/Alright.

Step 8: Scroll to _Completed_ and press MENU/Alright.

Step 9: Cell phone will ability cycle to entire the programming.

And you are carried out. You’ve got just programmed your Sanyo Katana 6600 cell phone for Bell Mobility. 

Now that you have programmed your cell phone selection, your cell phone should be all set to use as extensive as it has previously been activated by Bell.  If you have not nonetheless activated your cell phone, you can have it carried out in the shop or, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, check out our movie on Activating Your Bell Cell Cell phone for a entire set of recommendations.