How to block web-sites in the course of functioning hrs?

Unmanaged web-sites browsing is killing your efficiency. Staff members may devote hrs to read through information, view online video and play online video games.

To help you save efficiency, it is important for companies to block specific web-sites and limit workers internet access. You may want to put into action an internet policy as:

  1. Only work-relevant web-sites are permitted in the course of work time.
  2. Destructive web-sites like violence, adult, shall be blocked constantly.
  3. Downloading web-sites and downloading of specific file sorts shall be blocked to help you save bandwidth if you are suffering from sluggish internet pace.
  4. Prompt messengers, like MSN(Dwell), yahoo!, ICQ and Intention shall be limited utilization only in the course of functioning hrs.

Even so, in present day internet, a website can not be blocked only by blocking its ip address or domain. It is however accessable by:

  1. Open proxy servers.
  2. 3rd get together tunneling proxy provider.
  3. Tunnel VPN provider.

To make your blocking effecient, you also have to have to block specific proxy/tunneling protocols.

This tutorial will exhibit you how to block specific web-sites working with WFilter Organization. As an internet monitoring and filtering product or service, WFilter helps make it simple to block web-sites and proxy provider.

1. Filter specific web-sites

You can filter specific web-sites by “website black/white list” and “website group”:

Use “Url Key phrases Filtering” to block url by keywords and phrases. This can block exploring of specific keywords and phrases in lookup engines.

2. Block Proxy Provider and VPN protocols.

WFilter supports proxy protocol transparently. No addtional placing is essential to block open up proxy server.
You may set up a “HTTPS black/white list” to block undesired VPN.

Sites becoming blocked:

WFilter homepage: