Ergonomic Mouse, Touchpad Keyboards and Smart Cat Touchpads All Make for Endless Choices for Your Ne

It’s the New Year! It is time for a new job, new computer and or perhaps a new computer mouse. With the computer mouse at a ripe age of 40 years old, there have definitely been some modifications and improvements.

As technology changes computers, it also changes the way we access them. The computer mouse, invented in 1964, allowed more people to connect with computers than ever before. Less keys and codes were needed to get to a point faster on the computer screen and time spent completing tasks were cut in half.
Ergonomic computer mice were created to ease strains on wrists, backs and arms; the fingermouse was invented for the same reasons, and decrease the space necessary for the same computer mouse funtions.

Other advances in computer mouse technology was the touch pad mouse called a trackpad, or a <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/706563’);” href=>Smart Cat</a>, allowing a user to have a touch pad mouse as part of their computer and often give more control to the user. LED and laser mice also became standard, removing the cord that connected the mouse to the computer, and instead used a remote control sensor to connect signals to the computer screen.  

A lot has changed since computer scientists used to be the only people able to connect with computers. If computer scientists only knew what was to come?  If you could suddenly touch the screen and move objects with your hands? Now, even that idea has become a reality. Soon, touch screen panels will be a common, household item. What can a touch screen panel do that your previous computer monitor can not?  Instead of using your computer mouse to move objects on a screen, you can now touch them with your hands or fingertips. You can shuffle your plans on a virtual calendar on your home touch screen panel.

You can create a new landscaping design of your back yard by moving trees and shrubs virtually around a photo of your yard. Because you are allowed to pick things up exactly where you want and move them exactly, you are saving even more time than using a computer mouse, a touchpad mouse or keyboard touchpad.  How will this new technology affect computer mouse sales in the future?

The future of the computer mouse may be dim, but we are a long way off. Think about it- we have used the classic computer mouse for 40 years! Millions of people are using the classic computer mouse and will no doubt be using it for several years to come. Even if you are thinking of buying a classic computer mouse in the New Year, think of it like so many other computer mouse users- “if the shoe fits- wear it! Or in this case, if the computer mouse fits your life- use it!