Digital Actuality: the Internet Revolution

This article is concentrated on the Internet phenomenon and on the spreading of the Internet lifestyle and its effects on individuals. Manuel Castells is broadly regarded as the chief analyst of the Information Age and the Network Culture. The present paper demonstrates on Castells’ shorter and educational e book “The Internet Galaxy”. In his e book the author points out the significance of the Internet as a indicates of conversation increasing these kinds of inquiries as: the social dimensions of the Internet, the Internet lifestyle, the affect of the Internet on the marketplace, the political implications of the Internet, the digital divide and the Internet lifestyle.
This “Internet revolution” can be valued by unique variables, these kinds of as on the net gross sales, quantity of Internet users, quantity of host computers, and quantity of domains. All these figures are unchangeable the prevalent characteristic of them is rapidly-paced progress. There was the progress in the quantity of host computers from 1969 to 1996 (from four host computers in 1969 to about ten million in 1996). The authentic, amazing progress took area in the nineteen nineties.
When analyzing on the net gross sales, analysis organizations forecast unparalleled progress. For occasion, Jupiter Communications declared that in 1998 Internet commerce was really worth $seven.eight billion in the United states of america, and that this determine would enlarge to $108 billion in 2003. The common worth of the Internet commerce is valued unprecedentedly, for occasion, hundreds of billions of pounds in 2002. For case in point, the United states of america Office of Commerce’s $825 million for the worth of airline tickets acquired in the United states of america via the Internet in 1998. It is a three hundred% progress from the 1996 determine (Clemente P. C. 1998, p. 32).
When finding out the quantity of Internet users, the Internet experienced 30 million users on ten million computers joined to in excess of 240,000 networks in about 100 states. The previous figures point out the actuality that International Data Corp values that 40 million individuals are property world-wide-web users in the United states of america in 1999, which consists of fifteen% of the population. “Le Monde” in 1998 posted that 100 million individuals use the Internet all in excess of the environment. Jupiter Communications estimates that lively Internet users – four to five million United states of america prospects – store often on the Internet by 2000, which signifies three% of developed-ups.