Desire Programming

The thoughts does not make an visual appearance within just actual physical reality, but the brain is based in actual physical reality. Our dreams occupy the exact same area as the mind…..that is, no area at all.
The pictures that seem in dreams seem as “sorts” in other realities and they are not limited by our actual physical reality policies of time, area and development. They require the materialization of spontaneous constructions which would usually not manifest in our actual physical planet. Dreams are steady flowing processes which operate repeatedly in the extensive awake and the dream states.
Though we are in the extensive awake state they operate subconsciously. The materializations we create in our dreams have no mass in our actual physical reality but may possibly have the equivalent of mass in other realities.
In the dream state the character is molded and transformed via steps that do not exist in the actual physical universe. These dream based subjective situations inevitably manipulate actual physical issue and situations for the person concerned, dependent upon how they have consciously or subconsciously programmed their dreams.
During the dreaming state your consciousness is targeted in a different reality that is in every way as long-lasting and valid as the actual physical reality universe. During rest only a small amount of money of your strength is targeted in the actual physical field…..plenty of to keep the bodily features only.
The dream universe is also composed of a molecular construction, but takes up no area as we know it. It is steady but your consciousness of it is usually restricted to your rest/dreaming intervals.
The situations in the dream reality are as significant as the situations in your actual physical planet and in fact are interrelated. A single affects the other…..and vice versa. This is why it is doable (and very simple) to plan up dreams which have an practically fast effect in your actual physical universe.

The Desire Programming outlined is fundamentally Brand NEW knowledge …regarded only to a small variety of Japanese practitioners and a few perceptive Western researchers.
……..”the internal senses have an electromagnetic reality and the mental enzymes act as sparks, setting off internal reactions. In the dream state these reactions are quickly brought on. A damaging frame of mind can be transformed overnight in the dream state since the whole electromagnetic harmony has been transformed. These types of therapeutic dreams are usually brought on automatically when the self feels a perception of desperation. Usually there is an practically instantaneous regeneration and spontaneous get rid of. The exact same takes place in fewer startling conditions in which a merely troublesome health condition all of a sudden disappears. By way of pre-programmed dreams these therapeutic benefits can quickly be bought about with minimum practice and energy. The use of this dream self-suggestion in bringing about constructive dreams is of excellent advantage”…….
Dreams are 1 of your best pure therapies and your overriding link amongst your psychic and materials realities. They are commonly entirely misunderstood and the bulk of folks are unaware of how dreams can be manipulated to handle your overall body and setting.