Computer Speakers Guide

Computer Speakers Guide

Adding speakers to your computer can increase its functionality and enriches the experience of using it. Computer speakers are functional devices that are attached to the computer and are very much useful for recreation as well as other activities. Computer speakers not only produce the most exciting sound but also are capable of bringing music, movies or games to life. In today’s scenario where we can find all sorts of multimedia applications, games and MP3 music, it is very hard to imagine a computer without speakers. The speakers have become essential for any computer so that it can be used for all the applications. With time the computer speakers have seen man changes and are getting better and better with each passing day. We can find computer speakers for all applications and budgets.

The most popular type of computer speakers available today are standard speakers, multi-channel surround sound speakers, and USB speakers. Lets learn more about them.

Standard Speakers
Most popular kind of speakers that can be easily found in the most of the households. The standard speakers are normal 2.1 channel or 2 channel speakers which include a subwoofer in the 2.1 channel version. These speakers produce enough sound required by a home or corporate user. On the price band, the standard speakers are considered cheap and easily installable with lesser wiring compared to the multi channel speakers.

Multi-channel Speakers
More advanced are the multi-channel speakers that can deliver a surround sound effect. In the multi-channel speakers the channels refer to the output of the speaker. For instance The 5.1 channel surround sound system means a 5 speaker and one subwoofer included in the system which delivers superior sound quality and can bring any PC game or movie to life. These new generation speakers are exceptional on sound quality but comparatively costly than the standard speakers.

USB speakers
Considering the portability issues you will also find USB speakers that are powered from the 5 volts at a few milliamps provided by the USB port, per the standard. In such speakers, the USB powered amplifier draws the power through a USB cable/plug. For the USB speakers no batteries or AC power source is required.

Considering your application need and budget you can decide on the type of speaker you want to buy. Pro’s can opt for multi-channel speakers that allow sound/video editing or gaming in real time delivering the best sound output. For budget conscious the standard speakers are the best options as they deliver a handsome sound quality and saves you money on the device as well as on its installation. If budget is not a constraint a 5.1 channel surround sound system is the best buy but also has some drawbacks like wiring and high cost. A 2.1 system with 2 speakers and a subwoofer is a decent alternative if compared to the above. Even the 2 speakers would be a great idea for limited sound quality and budget.