Along the changing times, technology continues to evolve to follow. One who experienced rapid development is communication. Attendance phones and smartphones increasingly allows people to communicate instantly with anyone. In addition to communication, the technology was also influential in the current spending activity. Prior to emerging technologies such as now, often the buyer must bid price when buying goods to get cheaper prices. The aim is for saving money on daily expenses as written on

Other ways are also often done is to find a place that offers a discount. However, with the help of technology actually looking for cheaper prices of goods no longer hard to handle it. Here are some smart ways to shop thrifty use technology every day quoted Halo Money.

  1. Paste social media account store subscriptions

One way to always know the latest information store subscription is to follow its social media accounts. In this way, you have the opportunity to more quickly find promos or update of certain features. Not infrequently, while others offer a prize quiz sort products by following certain shops in their social media accounts. So, in this way helping enough to anyone who wants to know tips and promotions to save money.


  1. Make the referral system

Currently, most applications and online shopping sites provide features voucher codes that can be redeemed by the ‘cash balance’ ‘in the application. This voucher code can be obtained from social media accounts or applications that store. Another thing you can do is ask from your friends. Some applications create a ‘referral code’ that allows a person to wear it, then someone else will get the extra balance. Typically, people who use a ‘referral code’ also benefited from getting an additional balance.


  1. Subscribe to the newsletter

Most stores usually provide opportunities for visitors to the site newsletter. Visitors can leave his email address on the newsletter, or sign up as a member on the website or online application. Newsletter usually contains information such as promos and useful information morning visitors.


  1. Use application

Many businesses in physical form that is now turning to online. On the other hand, online shopping sites are also many who build smartphone applications to enable customers to shop. Typically, these sites attract a customer to use the app by offering a special promotion or bonus. So, shop through the app allow you get a special offer.


  1. Take advantage of credit cards

Many banks are already working with a variety of retail stores and online shopping sites to provide promo. Promo is a common form of discounts and zero percent installment. Take advantage of this promotion to save money, especially for those that have a credit card.

Those are some ways that can be applied to save on your monthly expenses in the shop. and the most important thing is to use your money wisely as needed. Don’t waste your money based on your wish not on your need.…