Build Your Own PC in a Clear Computer Case

A clear computer case or tower is a tremendous way to assemble your custom built computer and have it stand out like nothing else. If you intend to build something that nobody else in the whole world has and make a personal style statement in the process, then the clear computer case might be your top resource.

But what benefit is a visually attractive PC if the stuff within doesn’t get the job done? Always determine what you plan it to do first, after that focus your efforts on finding the right inside parts for the majority of tasks you will expect from the computer Then it’s simply a issue of matching your case to the motherboard and equipment you’ve chosen.

Whenever you do decide on a clear case, make sure it is acrylic and not poor quality plastic. Cheap plastic cases, which are still available, will only dissatisfy you as your case will become scratched and cloudy in very brief time.  The extra life you’ll get out of a quality case will more than offset the small sum of additional cash you spend on it.

Your case has to be compatible with the motherboard you use and the documentation will advise you if it is. Always make sure that the case you select is big enough to fit everything else you mean to put in. There is a decent likelihood you will upgrade something in the computer before its end of life, so plan for that straight away by allowing adequate room. Don’t forget to plan for any modifications you may intend to do. For instance, if you want to attach lighting tubes, those take up space too

Design out your PC’s inside footprint considering the number and location of all USB ports, audio, graphics and other cards. Your mother board should control the number and position of the cards you can put in and the case should correspond to the motherboard’s arrangement. If you expect to use extra case fans, make sure the case has an adequate amount of openings and that they are located where you intend them. A lot of the clear PC cases available today have a number of fan openings for ventilation

You’ll need drive bays too. Will one or two be adequate for you? Almost certainly not. How about 10? It is not uncommon to find eleven or more drive bays in the clear towers of today. Again, always purchase more than you think you need because you may want to beef it up down the way, and make sure your motherboard will accommodate the same upgrade plan

Obviously, you can expect the price to go up in direct relation to capacity and features on your case. Building a computer is exactly like purchasing a computer – or any other electronics product for that matter. Buying the top product you can afford will add functional life to your new PC because it will keep up with improving technology longer.

For a effortless and problem free project, take a little time to plan it out first. After that, pick the clear computer case that meets all your needs and then some.