Best Computer Speakers

Computer speakers nowadays are becoming more sophisticated in achieving the best sound quality for the fast growing market. Speaker systems come in a variety of features with the latest audio technology.

With the popularity of digital music formats, movies, digital video editing and computer games, manufacturers have rapidly developed and produced more and more computer speakers for their consumers. Speakers come in different models and designs, from 5.1, 6.1, to the latest 7.1 speaker systems.

The 5.1 computer speaker system is capable of creating a wonderful listening experience. One of the top quality 5.1 computer speakers is the Logitech Z-5500, with a price of $220. This speaker system tops in almost all reviews. The Logitech Z-5500 can produce heart-pounding bass, very natural mid tones, and crisp sound. It has superb power and accuracy when watching DVDs and when playing computer games.

Theoretically, the 7.1 speaker arrangement (satellite speakers plus a subwoofer) brings existing speaker systems to a higher level. Still, many experts question their value. According to Don Labriola of PC Magazine, “Depending on whom you talk to, 7.1-channel sound either is a legend of immersive audio or the reply to a query nobody asked.”

With the introduction of the 7.1 speaker arrangement, another superior quality of multimedia sound is experienced. The 7.1 speaker arrangement is composed of 2 rear channel speakers. This is besides the 5.1 speaker system, with a set-up of 3 front speakers, 2 side surround speakers plus 1 subwoofer.

The gamers appreciate the 7.1 speaker arrangement more because it can be employed in computer games using Microsoft’s DirectSound and Creative EAX sound processing. The 7.1 speaker arrangement does not have any difference with the 5.1 speaker system since audio CDs are recorded in stereo, only needing 2 channels. In terms of movies, the availability of the Dolby Digital audio is recommended for 5.1 computer speakers. It is best to use the 7.1 speaker arrangement with a high-end sound card to achieve its full features.

For the budget wise consumers who do not require the power of a surround audio quality, the 2.1 computer speaker is fine. You can still have the best listening experience with this speaker system. The Altec Lansing VS2421, with an estimated price of $40, is a good choice for a less expensive 2.1 channel computer speaker. The Altec Lansing VS2421 is rated as one of the best 2.1 computer speakers in the market. This 2.1 computer speaker can produce powerful bass. The Altec Lansing VS2421 includes a hardwired remote for controlling the volume and the treble. The remote in addition has a mute button, microphone, plus an auxiliary input for your mp3 player or CD player.

The Bose Companion 5 is an excellent choice for a computer speaker system. This computer speaker comes with a price of $400, a little bit expensive but the quality justifies the price. This computer speaker boasts its Bose’s TruSpace surround processing technology. The speaker system comes with a separate volume control that also includes a headphone output and an input for MP3 players. Based on reviews, this speaker system produces great audio quality and has a solid state of a sound system.

Another 2.1 channel computer speaker with an affordable price compared to the Bose Companion 5 system is the Logitech Z-Cinema, with a fair price of $250. This computer speaker is ideal for a computer based home theatre. It also produces great sound quality.

For the mobile users or people who are always on the go they need a portable speaker for their notebooks and laptops. Several computer speaker systems mentioned above could be used with notebooks, but of course, they are not practical when it comes to portability.

The Logitech AudioHub is one of the recommended portable speakers. It only costs around $60. The Logitech AudioHub comes with a 15-watt speaker system, which includes three port USB hubs. The system consists of a 2-inch tweeters and 1 3-inch driver that acts as a woofer. It also comes with a web cam stand for adjusting the height while video chatting. A great companion for your notebook and at the same you can enjoy a good sound quality while on the go.