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Biography and profession

Badr Hari started working towards kickboxing at the age of 7, less than the guidance of previous Entire world Champion Mousid Akamrane. As a teenager he properly trained less than Mohammed Ait Hassou at the Sitan Gym. When the Sitan Gym moved to Rotterdam, Badr Hari joined the renowned Chakuriki Gym ran by Thom Harinck. Under Harinck, Hari made into one particular of the best kickboxing skills of the Netherlands.

Early profession

Under Harnick’s coaching, Badr Hari endured couple losses. In 2003 he changed Melvin Manhoef with only a couple days see, to fight Alexey Ignashov. Badr Hari, outweighed by extra than eighteen kg, missing the fight by knockout, but obtained a good deal of regard for stepping up to such an opponent less than all those conditions.

In January 2005, Badr Hari left Chakuriki and joined Simon Rutz’s It truly is Showtime crew. Immediately after a couple months’ training at Mejiro Gym he returned to Harinck’s, but left yet again a few of weeks later. Considering that then Badr Hari has been coached by Mike Passenier, who also trains Joerie Mes, Bjorn Bregy and Melvin Manhoef.
Highway to K-one

Badr Hari’s highway to fame started with a pair of matches from Stefan Leko in 2005. It took position at the It truly is Showtime eight party, on June twelve, 2005. Badr Hari, who was generally identified for his big mouth and sluggish ring entrance began some trash talk in between them in advance of the fight and abused Leko on the evening which took a when to settle down. The ring entrance took more time then the real fight, where Badr Hari was knocked out by Leko’s ‘trademark’ spinning again kick. Leko seemed to be spitting on Hari when he was down.

On November 19, 2005, Hari acquired his prospect for revenge. He entered the K-one Entire world Grand Prix 2005 as a reserve fighter from Stefan Leko. Hari did not feel to have missing his assurance and knocked Leko out by a spinning again higher kick to the jaw. Immediately after all the undesirable blood in between the two fighters, Hari assisted his opponent up and escorted the dazed German to the corner.
K-one New Zealand 2006

In 2006 Badr Hari was scheduled to participate in the K-one Entire world GP 2006 in The Netherlands on May well thirteen, 2006, but fought in the K-one Entire world GP 2006 in New Zealand as an alternative as a past minute substitution. His opponent in the first round was Australian Peter “The Main” Graham. Hari when yet again confirmed his undesirable boy status by abusing Graham and starting a avenue fight at the press conference. In the real fight Hari was knocked out by Graham’s trademark “Rolling Thunder”. The heel strike Hari difficult on the head and knocked him out cold. Graham’s kick broke Hari’s jaw in multiple places and sidelined Hari for a numerous months.
Return to K-one

Hari returned to the ring at the K-one Entire world GP 2006 Last Elimination in Osaka, Japan from Ruslan Karaev. Karaev damage Badr with a straight right that left Hari slouching above in the corner, then Karaev sent a kick to Hari’s confront when it seemed as however Hari was by now lying on the canvas. Hari was counted out by the referee but straight away he and his corner protested, saying the kick was a foul. When the referee did not reply, Hari left in anger and trashed his switching space.

Despite been knockout, Hari was when yet again picked as a reserve fighter in the K-one Grand Prix 2006 Finals from Paul Slowinski. He won the fight by unanimous selection.

Hari then fought Nicholas Pettas at Dynamite and broke Pettas’s left arm in the 2nd round with his powerful round kicks.

Hari acquired his revenge from Karaev onK-one Entire world GP 2007 in Yokohama. Karaev and Hari’s matchup was one particular of two bouts to qualify for the first K-one Heavyweight Title Match, scheduled on April 28, 2007 in Hawaii. Hari was knocked down in the 2nd round and was just able to make it to his toes when Karaev intended to end the fight with a swinging punch which Hari ducked, and landed a right cross to rating a KO.
K-one Heavyweight winner

On April 28, at K-one Entire world GP 2007 in Hawaii, Badr Hari and Yusuke Fujimoto fought for the newly introduced Heavyweight belt. Hari won the fight in fifty six seconds with a kick to the chin. With the knockout Hari grew to become the world’s first ever K-one Heavyweight winner.

Hari acquired his prospect for revenge from Graham in Hong Kong where he dropped Graham with a overall body punch and won by unanimous selection.

On September 29, 2007 at the K-one Entire world GP 2007 Last Elimination, Badr Hari conquer the K-one Entire world GP 2007 in Las Vegas tournament winner, Doug Viney, by a 2nd round KO and certified for his first K-one Entire world GP Last, held on December eight in Yokohama, Japan. His successful streak arrived to an conclusion with a selection decline to Remy Bonjasky, in the course of quarter last.

All of Hari’s wins in 2008 had been by knockouts, by beating Ray Sefo in Yokohama, Glaube Feitosa (whom he defended his heavyweight title) in Fukuoka and Domagoj Ostojic in Hawaii. On his subsequent fight in Seoul he certified for the K-one Entire world GP 2008 Last by TKO earn above the Korean giant Hong Man Choi.

In the quarterfinals on December six, Hari defeated three time K-one Entire world winner Peter Aerts by TKO in the 2nd round. Then in semis he knocked out Errol Zimmerman and headed to his first K-one Last from Remy Bonjasky. Immediately after struggling a knockdown in the first, Hari was disqualified in the 2nd round for unsportsmanlike perform by stomping and punching an by now downed Bonjasky. 1st the referee Nobuaki Kakuda issued a yellow card and one particular point deduction. Meanwhile Hari proceeded to Bonjasky’s corner shouting, and quarreled with his opponent’s trainer Ivan Hippolyte who then also approached Hari aggressively, but the officials prevented any additional physical speak to in between them. Immediately after the five-minute recovery time elapsed, the medical professional described Bonjasky was seeing double and could not proceed. Hari was issued a red card and Bonjasky was declared the K-one Entire world GP 2008 winner.

In later interviews Badr claimed Bonjasky was acting, and that “Remy’s corner was screaming at him to continue to be down”.

Immediately after the party Badr was not suspended for his actions, but K-one has nevertheless stripped him of his heavyweight title and his payment for participation in the tournament.

Though there had been several rumours of his and his opponent’s participation, it was finally declared that Badr would confront MMA Heavyweight Alistair Overeem in a K-one rules match on K-1’s NYE extravaganza. Hari missing the fight by a left hook KO in the first round within just two minutes. Section of the fight arrangement is that the two Badr and Overeem would also fight every other in an MMA match for FEG’s Aspiration promotion someday in 2009. In an job interview with Dutch tv set station SBS six Badr Hari is noticed averting this match and couple individuals are nevertheless believing Hari’s term to enter the contest from Alistair Overeem.

Hari’s first fight in 2009 was from Frederic Sinistra who was not properly identified at this point and won yet again by 1st round knockout with his trademark right hand.

In May well Hari fought Semmy Schilt in a extensive-awaited bout for the newly introduced It truly is Showtime Entire world Heavyweight title. Hari arrived out quite aggressively and knocked Schilt down two times in the first round. The fight was stopped immediately after the 2nd knockdown and Hari took the heavyweight title in forty two seconds.

At the K-one Entire world Grand Prix 2009 Last sixteen Hari yet again applied his trademark right cross to rating a first round knockout above Zabit Samedov.

At the selection for the K-one Entire world Grand Prix 2009 Last Hari chose to fight Ruslan Karaev for the third time. At the party Hari applied his leg kicks and cross punch to rating a overall of 4 knockdowns to make TKO wins above Karaev and Alistair Overeem in a rematch, to make it to the Entire world Grand Prix Last for the 2nd calendar year from Semmy Schilt. In their rematch Hari missing by TKO immediately after been knocked down three times in the first round.

Badr Hari