Are promoting pixels nevertheless doable?

5 yrs back an English guy properly offered one million pixels within 6 months, for 1 dollar per pixel. It indicates he earned one million dollars. Then there’re several equivalent internet sites designed to imitate his website, but no one triumph yet again. Anyone are unable to even promote out one pixel for 1 cent. Why? It can be since that copycat is not welcome. Persons give much desire to the to start with inventor, and reduce desire to the followers, except if the follower can make evolution centered on the to start with creation.

Not long ago there is certainly a website that obviously tends to make reference of one million dollar pixel homepage. But what deserves applause is that it has some evolution. Rather of promoting pixels, it auctions pixels. And the original pixel purchasers can get revenue from pixel auction. The auction process is like this: Initially the pixel is acquired with minimal price tag, let us say 1 cent per pixel. Then the pixel will be auctioned as a fixed price tag, which is two times of the original price tag. And the pixel proprietor will get a hundred and fifty% rebate of his pixel price tag, which indicates he can make fifty% revenue if his pixels are offered out. For example, if he invest in the pixels for 100 dollars, then if his pixels are offered out, he will get a hundred and fifty dollar returned. This process will urge purchasers to invest in pixels at an earlier stage, which will be less expensive.

This plan looks interesting, but let us see whether it will triumph or not. The url of the website is

I consider some aspect will decide whether it can be productive or not. Initially, can this website achieve adequate pageviews? This plan maybe be appealing, but hardwork have to have to be done to maximize the pageviews and make it effectively recognized. Next, can this plan be appreciated by several persons? If most persons will not concur this pixel auction strategy and regard it as out-of-date, then it will also fade away.