An Ergonomic Mouse Preventing RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Take a peek at a computer mouse that appears like no mouse you’ve ever seen before and works in a excellent innovative way: The “HandShoe Mouse” originates from Holland and has been invented in co-ordination with a Dutch medical university, resulting in an ergonomic device which has a sleek, state-of-the-art appearance.

If you continually use a computer for your tasks, the ergonomic HandShoe Mouse cuts down on aches in the arm, neck and shoulders that numerous individuals feel and thus lessens the risk of building up Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The hand and wrist stay in an enjoyable position, versus the aggravating, gripping position connected with the majority of computer mice and even many other ergonomic mice.

Ergonomic Research by University in Holland

The research went as far as evaluating eight different ergonomic computer mice available on the market and it was determined that not one of them appeared to be providing a similar good result as the HandShoe Mouse. This was proven by specific EMG measurements which indicate how much stress and strain is cuased by the computer mouse you are using. It appears that a standard mouse cuases an high EMG signal, while the HandShoe Mouse shows specific moments of rest when in use. Any vertical orĀ  “stick” mouse also causes a significant EMG signal which means thart vertical mouse is not preventing RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Another important issue is testing of the product because there is no better proof than checking if people with RSI can get back to work again.
The Dutch company claims that two years of testing in large organzations has proven that people are actually capable to work again when using the HandShoe Mouse.

What does the name HandShoe Mouse actually mean?

In Dutch Handshoe means “Glove” and the suppliers of the innovative ergonomic mouse state that the HandShoe Mouse is the best mouse that fits like a glove.

The design of this unique ergonomic computer mouse is pleasing to the eye and will enhance just about any contemporary work place or house. It is for sale in a number of dimensions and colours to ensure a perfect match to the users preferences.

Web-site shows it all

The web-site contains several stories from users who experienced many different problems to include cold hands, prickling sensations and soreness in the hands, arms and shoulders. Every one report an enhancement in their problems, sometimes as fast as after 1 day.

The web-site is transparent and to the point and guidelines regarding how to ensure the correct size mouse is actually obtained are simple to follow. The mouse I ordered showed up rapidly and I was happy with its smooth feel and futuristic looks. It is instantly evident how the hand and arm are in a far more relaxed position than with a regular mouse.

Contact with Hippus, the Dutch company making the mouse is convenient and it is possible to direct queries straight to the developer, who, by the way, speaks outstanding English!

The web-site offers specific information regarding the actual substantial research supporting the HandShoe Mouse and has a variety of links to the researching of a variety of universities.