A Evaluation of Bodyguardz – The Supreme Gadget Protector?

We all have a cellular phone, ipod, ipad, MP3 participant, or some other gadget or device that we might like to hold “scrape and scratch no cost.”

And for a lot of of us, we might appreciate that defense with no owning to settle for a bulky, pocket-stuffing, seem-shifting case or include that turns our smooth device into some thing diverse solely.

Bodyguardz thinks they have a item that can manage the undertaking.

But do they actually? I, for one particular, think Certainly.

I invested a good sum of time exploring diverse choices for my cellular phone (a Motorola Droid) and arrived at Bodyguardz.


For one particular, the excellent of the movie. I have heard the Reduce is improved than other choices (it addresses approximately almost everything). It really is also just about indestructible movie. And extremely slender. And life time confirmed.

2nd, men and women complain that some competing products and solutions change yellowish and a little bit bumpy, a phenomenon which is referred to as the “orange peel impact.” I have not personally noticed it (I have noticed photos), but Bodyguardz do NOT do this. The film’s UV resistance stops yellowing and it is smooth, not bumpy.

I also like the simple fact that they appear two for every pack and with no cost shipping and delivery.

Over-all Encounter

Soon after putting Bodyguardz on my cellular phone I can confirm that it is as about as unnoticeable and slender as I could have imagined. I have shown it to additional than a handful of men and women who have thought you can find very little on the cellular phone at all.

“What am I supposed to be wanting at,” they request. I smile.

I confirmed it to my twelve yr aged niece who replied, “Oh now I see it! But it is not on the sides.” “Certainly it is… seem once again,” I replied. “Oh… awesome” she returned.

I’m ready to use my cellular phone as typical (apart from that I now get to put it in the similar pocket as my keys, which I employed to be adamant about not executing).

Base line, if you like the seem of your device and will not want a bulky case, Bodyguardz is the ideal gadget protector.


Is applying Bodyguardz as simple as snapping on a hard case? No, it is not. But it is not a big deal possibly. The procedure is a small slow (the Droid especially has a great deal of edges)… but it is fairly easy however.

Here’s what you do.

  1. Initially, spray your arms with the incorporated soap/drinking water alternative… as very well as the Bodyguardz piece you might be applying.
  2. Place the movie very carefully on your Droid.
  3. Use the squeegee to remove surplus alternative or bubbles (if there are any)
  4. Repeat

That is it.

Note: In July 2010, Bodyguardz is coming out with a item that does NOT use a liquid applicator. So if that considerations you, it may perhaps no longer be an difficulty.

In any case, if you will not location the piece suitable wherever you wished it, just reposition it by sliding it into location. You can also elevate the piece up, give it a spray, and location it again down. The procedure is very “forgiving” as the alternative would make the movie simple to maneuver until finally it is correctly placed.

Count on the procedure to choose about a fifty percent hour (in all probability much less for some non-Droid units which have fewer surfaces). That may perhaps feel like a prolonged time to put on a case, but it is very little in the grand plan of things, and very well value it to stay clear of a bulky case.

Good item!!