5 Uses for That Computer Mouse Once Touch Screens Take Over the Market

iPhones, PDA’s and bank kiosks all have touch screen panels that are used everyday, all not requiring computer mice. Since touch screens are becoming more and more everyday tools, it’s not surprising to think that perhaps someday the computer mouse we all have come to depend on will be obsolete. What will we all do with the world’s enormous supply of plastic computer mice? Here are just a few suggestions.


  • Paper weight

If in fact the computer mouse becomes obsolete, everyone will have one that they don’t need or use, but perhaps they can be used for something. A computer mouse would make an efficient paperweight to secure paper and files sitting on your desk if you happen to be sitting next to a window or strong air conditioning.



  • Nostalgic Christmas Ornament

Okay, so someday, generations later when the computer mouse is all but a funny memory, you will be able to keep its memory alive by holding onto one of these once-precious tools and tie a red ribbon to it for decorating your holiday tree. The computer mouse usually is a shiny and attractive piece which people may even mistake for a precious ornament you cherish.



  • Bronzed Piece of Art

Since your computer mouse will likely be in a museum some day, get a head’s start on making your computer mouse legendary by dipping it in gold, bronze or even spray paint to give it that museum quality look. Place it on the mantle, on a pillar in your office or hang it on the wall. Even if people snicker, they will admire the lengths you went to display an old friend you once knew so well.



  • Game Piece

Since there will be a ton of computer mice sent to the recycling center, why not collect them and recycle them in another way like making them useful again. Instead of the car or thimble piece in Monopoly, use a computer mouse as your piece. Use the computer mouse in any game that requires pieces really, or perhaps invent your own game using computer mice as pieces. Paint them, place stickers on them or dust them in glitter for a fun gaming piece that will no doubt make your piece stand out above the rest.



  • Decorative Wall Designs

While you are at that recycling center picking up old computer mice for game pieces, pick up a whole lot more for decorating an entire wall of your house for a cool look. Give the futuristic look by using a product from the past. Your guests will marvel at your creativity and think of you as the ultimate environmentalist. You may even start a trend in computer mice décor.

When touch screen panels take over your life and the computer mouse no longer serves it’s purpose, give it another chance to be useful again. Think of it as going “Green,” or being practical, however you want to call it, the end doesn’t have to be the recycling pit for the computer mouse.